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First Work

Poem – Edition 1: “next to of course god america i”

“next to naturally god america i” At the. E. Cummings

A Good Man Is Hard to look for

Short Producing: Paraphrasing a scene via a enjoy

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Short Fiction – John Updike – “AP”

Short Writing: Explaining a Composition

Short Producing: Paraphrasing a scene from a enjoy

Short Tale – Tall by Raymond Carver

Short Story – A Good Gentleman Is Hard to Find






Unnecessary repetition




Personality development

Inside my literary research essays, I use endeavored to discover why I think an author wrote a particular piece, how they think about their operate, and why they produced the choices they were doing with regard to theme, character advancement, and usage of literary gadgets. I have as well attempted to help to make my own point of view transparent within my writing, and through this kind of effort, appreciate more about the work of such authors.

First Work

Poem – Edition 1: “next to obviously god america i”

At the. E. Cummings’s poem “next to naturally god america i” is known as a sonnet crafted in somewhat irregular form. The poem has fourteen lines as all sonnets do, and it is written in loose iambic pentameter inmiscuirse, but the initial 8 lines follow the vocally mimic eachother scheme of the Shakespearean sonnet (ABAB, CDCD) and the last 6 lines follow the vocally mimic eachother scheme of the Petrarchan sonnet (EFG, FEG). The structure of the composition is to some extent unusual although: the initially thirteen lines are an extended quotation by an unnamed speaker, plus the last line simply reveals that loudspeaker (and in that case explains following this lengthy rant, he consumed a glass of water). The text of the thirteen-line rant is largely ungrammatical and filled up with disconnected quotes from several “patriotic”-sounding windbaggery, including the American national anthem and the devoted song “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee. ” The entire effect is a useless parody of patriotic discourse, in which the speaker is revealed to have no real thought in back of the platitudes he spouts. Of course the greater pointed which means of the poem comes in the speaker’s fervent endorsement of war, as a patriotic activity – eventually claiming that nothing is even more beautiful than the dead body of teenagers who hurried into battle for devoted reasons. Because of this, the poem could be quite simply described as a satirical anti-war poem – the object of its épigramme is the obnoxious American “patriot” who is usually happy to recommend a warfare when it is others, rather than himself, who will be being wiped out.

Version 2 – “next to obviously god america i” At the. E. Cummings

Poetry is definitely an useful method for conveying opinions regarding politics and discussing different aspects of contemporary society. The performs of numerous poets indicate all the; in this respect, the ones from e. elizabeth. Cummings are no different. His poem “next to obviously God america i” is actually a scathing item of social commentary about america during the temporary period in which it was drafted. This item of literature clearly discusses the nature of patriotism, specifically that which relates to America. In “next to of course Our god america i” e. at the. Cummings utilizes tone, paradox, and alliteration to convey a sense of disillusion regarding the devoted sentiment of the United States.

This thesis is most readily evinced in analysis in the tone the writer employs through this work. He is really sarcastic through this piece and cites several facets of conventional devoted rhetoric to get the United States to share his disillusionment, if not outright disbelief, in this feeling. For instance, the moment discussing the efforts of veterans who also fought and died for the country inside the numerous battles it has engaged in since its invention in the late 18th century the writer states, “what could be more beautiful than these heroic happy lifeless. ” It really is clear he is talking about veterans who died while defending (or perhaps attacking others) for the U. H. because he explains these deceased people as “heroic, ” which is a prevalent description inside the media plus the annals of the past for U. S. troops. However , two points in this verse underscore the sarcasm in his tone of voice. The first is his information of these deceased soldiers because “happy”; these kinds of soldiers would have exuded considerably more happiness if they happen to have lived and were able to come home to their people. The fact that they died although defending a country/patriotic emotion the author can be questioning refers to the sarcasm in this description. Additionally , the way in which this passage is expression indicates the sarcasm in his tone. He asks if there is anything that could possibly be more “beautiful” than useless soldiers. Within the literal level, any number of points can coin more deceased than the lack of human lifestyle. Therefore , Cummings is utilizing a sarcastic develop to indicate that he concerns the reason why these kinds of dead troops died, which is decidedly unclear about the patriotic feeling that rushed them to their very own graves.

Even though there are different instances of Cummings’ sarcastic strengthen found through this poem, his usage of irony helps to solidify the simple fact that he could be skeptical about the patriotic fervor that typifies how America can be portrayed inside the media

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