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Having browse the novel, I have come for the conclusion the fact that author, Mildred Taylor provides portrayed prejudice in a number of effective ways. The novel being set in 1930s Mississippi plays a serious role in prejudice being apparent mainly because slavery got just recently been abolished, but this didnt have much of an impact within the society in the 1930s. By using various examples, the reader can comprehend the prejudice at the time and the results it had about people. The main theme utilizing this book is related to prejudice and therefore every incidents that take place in the novel occur due to misjudgment being present.

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The time it had been set in will be a major impact on the prejudice on its own as the Wall Street crash had merely taken place and therefore, poverty was at its maximum. This event was an excuse characters, like the Wallaces, had used to pin the consequence on the whites to be those who push them in the location they were in and if the white competition didnt work with so many resources at the time, then this Wallaces might have been best. Mildred The singer has made the novels narrator a children of the black race and also uses 1st narrative, with a greater impact on the reader because they are being displayed racism and prejudice, throughout the eyes of your nine yr old child.

Inside the majority of novels, the writers show the story from an adults point of view in this case were shown a youths reaction towards occurrences experienced at the time, hence the reader gains the insight. This allows the reader to engage in the novel by seeing how a child is exploring the prejudice in Mississippi. Taylor gradually builds up anxiety in the new by showing the reader particular details of a familys status and then shows how they could possibly be exploited as a result of way they may be seen in culture.

We are demonstrated this once Cassie requires Papa how come he had to go to work and why the land was of this kind of significance. Papas response was reassuring, as he told Cassie that the girl may not find it easy to comprehend at that moment, but as period passes she would become aware of Père need to visit work and what relevance the area was to the Logans, as we see she later truly does. Mildred couldnt show how owning area was a wonderful virtue at that time, instead the girl went on further more to show examples of how racism and prejudice increased as a result of black competition owning property.

Mildred displays Mr Grangers actions of trying to get the Logan Property back into his possession which in turn shows how a white man, felt the necessity to take over a black mans belonging. In order for Mildred to show the reader the long-term effects of the dark-colored race proudly owning land and how it would result in the whites opposing them, because of them not really approving with the blacks using such land as it gives them a higher status in society, we are shown a question asked by a black youngsters, Cassie -I asked him once for what reason the he previously to go away, how come the property was so important.

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