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Attention Deficit Disorder Would it be Myth or Reality?

Attention Deficit Disorder is one of the even more controversial matters for parents, teachers and medical doctors in their attempts in id and treatment of the disorder.

Think about your son or daughter becoming involved in this horrifying, grotesque, nightmarish hell. On January 1, 1997, Michael Carneal, a fourteen-year old opened up fire about students in a high institution prayer getting together with in Western world Paducah, Kentucky. Three young adults were murdered, five other folks were injured, and 1 was immobilized. Carneal was reportedly in Ritalin.


On Drive 24, 98 in Jonesboro, Arkansas, eleven-year-old Andrew Fantastic and fourteen year old Mitchell Johnson taken fifteen persons killing several students, one teacher, and wounding 10 others. In accordance to one survey, the kids were thought to be on Ritalin. (Wiseman) This is certainly just a few of the various events that the one prevalent denominator was your use of Ritalin or other mind-altering medications. These drugs drive a few of the children whom take them to acts of violence, tough, and suicide. Bruce Wiseman is one of the many who feels that Attention Deficit Disorder is generally fraudulent labeling and drugging of our nations youth without proper identification and without trying various other remedies or solutions. (Wiseman)

We all claim that were a contemporary society of Only Say No To Prescription drugs.

After that why are you will discover approximately four million children on Ritalin today. (Connecting with Kids, Fox News 43, Nov 13, 2000) The World Overall health Organization and the U. H. Drug Adjustment Agency (DEA) place Ritalin in the same category while cocaine, morphine and opium. These medicines are known to have the maximum potential for maltreatment and are very addictive. Literary works that is directed at parents, would not address the abuse potential or actual abuse of methylphenidate, a generic pertaining to Ritalin.

It is pictured to be a mild substance which is not associated with mistreatment or serious side effects. Actually, there is technological literature, which indicates that methylphenidate shares the same abuse potential as morphine, opium or cocaine. You will discover case reviews that misuse can lead to patience and serious psychological dependence. (a 40 page survey by the Medication Enforcement Company in 1995 entitled, Methyphenidate) These studies are not given serious attention and in many cases not referenced in any way. Therefore , the parents are not presented the opportunity to call and make an intelligent decision based upon data mainly because of information that is certainly very vague, general and possibly misguiding.

There is absolutely no biologic, organic and natural or technological basis intended for Attention Deficit Disorder.

There are not any laboratory tests that have been set up to find Attention Deficit Disorder, plus the panel by the National Commence of Wellness was not able to validate that as a disease. Therefore , how could physicians determine whether or not a kid has Add? Are doctors determining Add by features alone? Dr . Ben Feingold has found that food additives were accountable for a significant amount of the over activity seen in his practice, and they improved significantly when they stopped eating foods that had unnatural colorings, manufactured flavors, glucose and specific preservatives, or perhaps fatty acid insufficiencies. This could be 1 reason one would be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. Within study, once children were put on a diet plan, eliminating the suspicious culprits, 79% of hyperactive children improved. When adding backside the suspicious culprits, the behaviour returned.


Many believe that Add is a myth and does not exist. It is presumed that father and mother do not willpower their children and Attention Deficit Disorder is definitely the result of the non-disciplinary parent or guardian. It is also assumed that many youngsters are misdiagnosed, placed on Ritalin without the proper id of having the disorder. The result is the violence that many of your young people are participating with over the past few years.

Another look at is that Add does can be found and is an actuality. This view offers alternatives along with the input of the medicine Ritalin that will assist in a better outcome for the child.

The analysis criteria of a child must display at least six of the 9 symptoms pertaining to inattentiveness and six or perhaps nine symptoms for hyperactivity. The behavior ought to be.

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