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Probably the most assets within a school is the library multimedia program.

There is not any other place where learners and educators can find and choose from a wide variety of reading elements that get across curricular lines and meet personal interests and a place where students can have fair and equitable use of information. Selection is a place where the school community can access a great organized, selected collection of multi-media and digital resources that supports the curriculum, dealing with students’ various reading talents and learning styles. But resources and the facility in which they live are not enough in and of themselves.

The effective advancement and use of these resources depend on the abilities and proper care of the collection staff. In the end, the quest of the library media system is to ensure that all pupils and personnel are effective users of information and ideas. Especially in the modern age, students want guidance in ferreting out, evaluating, and using appropriate and relevant information; these kinds of literacy skills constitute a core part of teacher librarianship instruction.

The school community tends to think of the library with regards to its resources and its initially priority is to support the curriculum. Especially as students vary all their learning models and examining abilities, and also their skills and interests, the need for rich assortment of alluring reading materials is vital. These days, the idea that 1 textbook may meet the educational needs coming from all students within a class is definitely unrealistic. Moreover, students ought to make cable connections between academics subjects and library methods constitute an affordable way to cross program lines. Yet , having a room full of assets isn’t enough.

Consider those classroom closets stuffed with outdated papers. The library staff has to make sure that the school community can physically and intellectually access those resources. The library’s collection is skillfully processed, explained, and registered in the library catalog for easy retrieval.

Components are placed about shelves and racks for easy access. Signs and shows provide added help in locating interesting examining matter. Nevertheless physical get isn’t enough either. The library staff also attempts to help the school community gain intellectual entry to resources. Coming from guide linens to in-class instruction, the teacher librarians help college students and others find their way the world of information.

They should present instruction to an audience both minor and major, and give individualized coaching here at the point of need. The Arellano College or university Main catalogue is located at the first floor of Paulino Cayco Building. It really is open by Monday to Friday via 7: 00 am to eight: 30 pm hours and Sat from six: 30 was to 7: 30 evening. It can allow for a total of six hundred 60 (650) learners. As a useful unit, that aims to offer information assets and technology needed in the various curricular programs, solutions and study activities.

This aims to support the school and its educational programs with an effective and efficient delivery, initiation and dissemination details resources by simply committed, productive, and service-oriented personnel. The library delivers students with all the information and reading elements to supplement or further the guidelines received inside the classroom. That aims to give a venue to students to broaden their intellectual, emotional and moral horizons. The library includes a collection forty-two thousand (42, 000) literature.

It comprises collections and services such as Circulation Product (foreign books on most fields of interest); Filipiniana Unit (books locally published in the Korea, books authored by Filipino author and books about the Philippines); Periodicals Unit (collection includes periodicals and journals in various domains of interest); Reference Unit (collection of reference elements such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, guide, almanac, physical sources, etc . ); Audio-Visual Unit (a collection of audio-visual materials just like CD-ROM, VHS tapes & cassette tapes) and the Graduate student School Product (collection of books intended for post graduate level together with the thesis collection for guide purposes). There are also photocopy providers available in the premises in the library.

Included in the library program, the adoption of digital version of card catalog commonly known as OPAC (On-line General public Access catalog) is used by patrons being a medium of searching the library collection. There is a library tour for freshmen and transferee students to enable them to get a better sense from the library and its particular staff. Pupils are given orientation of the library services wherever they are presented instructions approach use the selection, how to find literature using OPAC, and how to get books. Students are allowed to get three catalogs for one week to be inspected at doze: 00 midday and to end up being returned for 9: 00 am for the due date.

Obtained books will be subject to vitality. Borrowing publication for copying is limited to a single hour. There is certainly vast resources available in the library ranging from Filipino books to foreign books, via best sellers to specialist reading, coming from sample student works to school publications, coming from daily programs to foreign news papers/ articles, from encyclopedias to fiction ebooks, and by audio-visual supplies such as CD’s and tags to net connected computer systems.

However , the quantity of students choosing the collection is astonishingly small in comparison to the actual inhabitants of college students enrolled each school season. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM This study aimed to assess the standard of satisfaction of BSE students regarding the services provided by Arellano University Selection. Specifically, this seeks to answer the following inquiries: 1 . What is the profile of BSE students regarding: 1 . 1 . Year level, 1 . 2 . Number of times/ week of library visit, and 1 ) 3. Prevalent books borrowed? 2 . What is the level of satisfaction of BSE students on the library services as to: 2 . 1 . Personnel, 2 . 2 . Book collection, and 2. three or more. Library establishments?

3. What significant difference is out there on the level of satisfaction of BSE students when assembled according to year level? Null Hypothesis There is no significant difference among the amount of satisfaction of BSE pupils grouped in accordance to 12 months their yr level on the library services of university. Research Paradigm The experts evaluated the present library approach to Arellano Unversity during the second semester of S. Y 2011-2012.

The evaluation gives feedback in proposing a new library system for the college to provide the requires of the college students and the collection operations. DETERMINE 1 ANALYSIS PARADIGM ASSUMPTIVE FRAMEWORK In accordance to Frederick J. Friend, an academic library can be described as library that is certainly attached to educational institutions over a secondary level, serving the teaching and research demands of learners and staff. These libraries serve two complementary uses: to support the school’s curriculum, and to support the research in the university teachers and pupils.

The purpose of educational libraries is to develop, every generation learning from the experience of previously generations, producing their own accomplishments and adding to their work to the understanding to be passed down by the next generation. We learn about the achievements as well as the failures in the past from your parents, from your teachers, through the structures of the society in which we live. In that learning process, a process which goes on throughout each of our life, your local library can have a very important role.

Relating to IFLA. org, an electronic library is devoted to the applications and ramifications of new technology, automation, digitisation, the Internet, customer interfaces, and networks in all of the types of libraries, data centres and museums all over the world as well as the progress software and hardware for such applications. It provides a automobile for the newest research and ongoing improvements in today’s digital collection and data environments in various countries, and offers practical tips, useful data and descriptions of specific applications around the world.

The role of the electronic digital libraries should be to provide applications and implications of new technology such as libraries and the world wide web, the digital library, computer software and hardware developments, catalogue networking and automation integrated collection systems, OPACs, user interfaces net usability, internet access and make use of, e-books and e-journals, e-governance and e-readiness and on the web and distance learning to possess a practical application of technology also it would make the work easier and pleasurable. The opportunity of the your local library are more in learning, it will help people to obtain information they require. It can help focus a general topic in a more certain direction and give a important and breakthrough learning.

The role in the libraries is not only limited to receiving information or perhaps facts, it truly is more in lifelong learning that helps students to become a productive one. The library is known as a place wherever learning is available and provides not really limited to what a researcher should know but almost everything what a researcher has to know. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY This study will probably be of great help to the following: A. School Facilitators This study may function as their guidebook in making University’s plans, rules and regulations that will aid and give pleasure to the students with regards to all their library service and facilities.

B. Collection Personnels This study may possibly serve as their very own guide on what providers and services they need to have, maintain and improve to satisfy the pleasure of the learners. C. Students This analyze serves as just one way of voicing student’s concern and complaints with regards to the library staffs, services and facilities. M. For different future analysts They can make use of the findings of the study as a basis for future exploration. Scope and Delimitation This kind of study centered on the student’s satisfaction around the library companies to the BSED students of Arellano University.

The researchers targeted their inquiries on 3 different aspects. These aspects includes interpersonal relationship of the collection personnel’s on the students, the of needed books, services and other instruments, and lastly, the cleanliness and orderliness of each corner of the said region and it’s ambiance to that promotes a fantastic learning environment. The emphasis of this research was within the student pleasure and we have got surveyed hundred ten BSE students comprising 37 by first yr, 31 via second year, 29 coming from third 12 months and 13 from last year level. DEFINITION OF TERMS For parallel understanding of this kind of study, the subsequent terms happen to be operationally identified: BOOK COLLECTION. Collection of catalogs available in the library SUBJECTS.

A plan that consists of learning opportunities for a specific time period and place, a tool that aims to bring about tendencies changes in pupils as a result of organized activities and includes every learning experience received by simply students while using guidance in the school. MODERN WORLD. Also commonly known as the Computer Age or Information Age, is usually an idea which the current grow older will be seen as a the ability of individuals to copy information readily, and to possess instant access to information that could have been challenging or difficult to find recently. INTELLECTUAL GET.

The ability to discover and make use of resources obtainable in the catalogue. LIBRARY MASS MEDIA PROGRAM. Supplies intellectual and physical use of information, tips and helpful learning. MEDIA RESOURCES. Combines five fundamental types of media in the learning environment: text, video, sound, graphics and computer animation, thus providing a powerful fresh tool pertaining to education.

OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog). An online bibliography of a selection collection that is available to the public. REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES RELATED STUDIES Very much has been written about access and ownership, yet there has not been greatly written about the factors that influence pupils actually to use libraries.

A number of the library and information research literature looks at library usage and academic success. Various other researchers look at library work with and teaching, while even now others discuss library abilities, usage, and grade point average. Research focusing specifically on using libraries by students will be few.

Jennifer Wells (1995) states that, the effectiveness of your local library has generally been assessed by the volume of library components available to customers, the amount of use of services and resources, and the apparent or perhaps quantified satisfaction of clients. Very little research has taken into account the objectives in the clients (p. 121). Wells’s article discounts mostly with library using undergraduate learners and their academics achievements. She examines the quantity of times each student went to the selection and whether there was any kind of correlation involving the library check out, the marks achieved, as well as the diversity of resources students used in the library.

Her study does not ask the scholars why each uses the selection, but what methods and services they used in the selection, and the effect these had on their educational success. Other sources discuss collection use by different categories of students. Relating to Onwuegbuzie and Jiao (1997), libraries represent one area in which foreign students need to adjust.

The previous library encounters of these college students is a critical determinant showing how much modification to the Usa library product is needed (pp. 258-59). A few of the reasons why foreign students applied the catalogue include: learning for assessments, reading literature on reserve, checking out literature, using digital indexes and online services, and conference friends.

These types of library usage characteristics of international pupils are also essential to various other students. Rendering quality companies in academics libraries has become a major issue among academic librarians; they see the selection more when it comes to the provision of and access to services quality than as just a physical place. Technology and motorisation have also altered the way people perceive your local library. As a result, the role of libraries and librarians is additionally changing. Librarians themselves have already been re-evaluating their job as shown in many conversations and documents.

They stress the dotacion of good selection service because more important for the user compared to the mere physical library building. This perspective is obvious in several new studies (Edwards & Browne, 1995; White-colored & Abels, 1995; Hernon & Calvert, 1996; Nitecki, 1996; Coleman et approach., 1997). Access to information furnished by libraries is seen as more important compared to the materials actually available in a library.

Relating to Birdsall (1994): The electronic catalogue operates within an electronic collaborative environment with an emphasis on access to info regardless of their location Andaleeb and Simmonds (1998) identified several factors that affected user satisfaction; these elements included responsiveness, competence and assurance (which translated to demeanor), tangibles, and solutions. However , they were doing not look into whether top quality services brings about increased usage of the selection itself. This kind of study examines whether, and the extent where, service quality factors along with resources and consumer characteristics influence library usage.

RELATED MATERIALS School Your local library Make a Difference to Student Success This page consists of links to analyze reports and other documents that show that school your local library make a difference to student accomplishment; that school libraries have got a positive impact on students and on learning. You will discover documents via a number of countries. There are also backlinks to content articles in specialist journals and newspapers that are based on these documents. This site is intended to help school librarians to answer the question, Do college libraries make a difference? . Institution Libraries and Student Achievements in Ontario April 5, 2006, this landmark analyze was released.

This kind of study shows similar results to numerous international research which demonstrate positive romantic relationship between skillfully staffed school libraries and student success. School Your local library Work! Up to date 2008 edition now available. This is a Research Basis Paper printed by Educational Library Publishing; it includes research results from almost ten years of school library-related research. The preamble notes, A substantial human body of research since 1990 clearly displays the importance of faculty libraries to students’ education.

Whether pupil achievement is usually measured by standardized browsing achievement testing or by simply global tests of learning, research shows that a well-stocked library staffed by a accredited library mass media specialist contains a positive impact in student achievements, regardless of the socio-economic or educational levels of the community. College student Learning Through Ohio College Libraries. The OELMA site has the record of the Student Learning Through Ohio School Libraries project carried out by Dr Ross Todd and Doctor Carol Kuhlthau.

Also available on the internet site really are a short PowerPoint presentation of the findings on this research project, the report by itself as a downloadable PDF data file, a fact bed sheet on the job, and the link to an article about the project in the February 2005 issue of School Library Record. The article is titled 13, 000 Students Can’t end up being Wrong. Mortgage entre bibliotheques en milieu scolaire et reussite scolaire Link Among School Libraries and Achievement] This kind of French-language web page is a list or bibliography of articles, research papers, and other assets that demonstrate link among school libraries and the achievement of learners. There are hotlinks to the online learning resources.

While some of the resources happen to be in The french language, many are in English. This kind of bibliography was compiled by Paulette Bernhard. School Libraries and Their Impact on Scholar Performance.

This can be from Research Brief (the Association to get Supervision and Curriculum Development), volume you, number 18, 2 Sept 2003. This article is intended to reply to the question What effects perform school libraries have on student accomplishment? A lot of research studies will be reviewed. The conclusion: Although socio-economic factors remain the most effective predictor of educational success, school library features may be the cause of up to eight percent in the variance in reading-related test out scores. Effective librarians perform a variety of jobs, including college student instruction and teacher specialist development.

Inequity in the top quality and availability of library methods continues to can be found between both equally high- and low-poverty schools as well as high- and low-performing schools. There are, yet , some tricks. Impact of faculty Libraries about Student Achievements: A Review of the Research A report made by Michele Lonsdale of the Australian Council pertaining to Educational Analysis (ACER) to get the Australian School Catalogue Association (ASLA) in 03 2003. The review focuses on studies conducted since 1990, which present that school libraries may have a positive impact in student achievement. The statement is available like a series of websites, and as a downloadable PDF FILE document.

Included is a great annotated bibliography of the materials from 1990 to 2002. CMIS Exploration: The Value of College Libraries in Learning The Section of Education, Western Down under has developed a web page that collates Australian and Foreign research studies that continue to display that an effective school collection program manage by a skilled teacher librarian makes a significant difference to scholar learning final results. Proof of the Power: Recent Research on the Effect of School Collection Media Courses on the Educational Achievement of U. S i9000. Public School Students.

JOSHUA Digest. Written by Keith Curry Lance in 2001, this kind of ERIC Absorb [ED456861] opinions and summarises recent United States research studies related to school libraries and pupil achievement, particularly statewide studies in Colorado, Pennsylvania, Alaska and Or. The research is usually reviewed inside the light in the American Information Powerdocument. LRS College Library Multimedia Impact Research.

From the Selection Research Support (LRS) in the Colorado Section of Education, this page provides information about the LRS studies carried out in Alaska, Colorado and Pennsylvania in 2000 by Keith Curry Lance yet others that show that school media librarians and libraries help youngsters perform better on standard tests. There are summaries, delivering presentations, and articles or blog posts based on the studies. There is also ordering info for a workbook by Keith Curry Lance and David Versus. Loertscher, Powering Achievement: School Collection Media Applications Make a Difference: The Evidence. Printed in 2001, this workbook was designed to help library press specialists in making presentations about the effectiveness of selection media courses.

It contains advised presentations, images, handouts, leaflets, and links to PowerPoint slides that may be downloaded from your publisher’s website. The site also supplies links to the results of studies carried out in other Claims since 2001. Texas Institution Libraries: Standards Resources, Companies and Students’ Performance(April 2001) This record by At the.

G. Smith was released by the Tx State Collection and Archives Commission. The Texas Research demonstrated higher TAAS overall performance at all educational levels in schools with librarians than in schools with no librarians. The distribution is available in PDF format and is printed fully from the Web web page. Study Shows Rise in Check Scores Linked with School Library Resources An article by Kathleen Kennedy Bovino in Education Week on the Web of 22 Mar 2000, that reports around the studies completed in Alaska, Coloradu and Pennsylvania, and quotes Keith Curry Suerte. Other relevant articles can be found in the Research Centeron this site.

New Study Shows Impact of School Libraries, Librarians, on Pupils. A report from the American Association of faculty Librarians, went out with 25 April 2000, that summarised the [then] recently-released Colorado Examine of Keith Curry Pilum and others, How School Librarians Help Kids Achieve Requirements The 2nd Colorado Study (no longer available). About the same web site, find also the page of links to AASL Resource Guides for School Library Press Program Development Scholar Achievement and an investigation article by simply Keith Curry Lance on The Impact of faculty Library Press Centers on Academic Achievement in School Library Multimedia Research.

White-colored House Conference on University Libraries, Summer 2002 On June some, 2002, Laura Bush managed a White House Seminar on University Libraries to discuss the latest research on your local library, student accomplishment and powerful local applications. Mrs. Bush was became a member of by her co-host, Dr . Robert Martin, Director with the Institute of Museum and Library Solutions and education, library, government and philanthropic leaders from across the country.

Specialists and panelists offered powerful stories from the power of institution libraries to create a difference in student achievement. This kind of Web site provides the full text message of pepers by Keith Curry Lance (What the Research Tells Us About the Importance of faculty Libraries), Whilst gary Hartzell, and Kathleen Jones, among others. Study on Built-in Library Applications and Accomplishment A page (dated 9 06 2001) of references to print options on this theme.

Authors mentioned include Dianne Oberg, Keith Curry Puncture, and Ross Todd. Concluyente Evidence: How you can Prove You Boost Student Achievement A paper by Ross Todd in School Library Journal in January the year 2003. The focus is evidence-based practice and documenting how college librarians make a difference in learning.

Throughout the document, the author provides vignettes that show that school librariescan make a difference to student accomplishment. There are also sources to research that demonstrates that school libraries make a difference. Studying can bring social change This article came out on the BASSE CONSOMMATION News World Edition Site on twenty-seven November 2002. It describes a recently-released report, Reading for Alter.

Among other things, Children’s interest in reading has more impact on their educational performance than their socio-economic group, study suggests. Fifteen-year-olds were studied inside the project. The findings in the report claim that encouraging reading for delight could be one of the most effective ways of bringing about interpersonal change. The of reading material in the house played a component in making a child’s examining skills.

Further more, Students with access to a bigger number of ebooks have a tendency to be more interested in examining a larger range of elements, the report creators. School Collection Media Research on Accomplishment This page combines a collection of links to effect studies and other research studies and reports that show that school your local library make a difference to student achievement. Included are studies from Alaska, Washington dc, Colorado, Sarasota, Iowa, Ma, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Fresh Mexico, New york, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Texas, and also a document via Australia (to which there is also a direct link above).

Chapter 2 APPROACH TO STUDY This kind of chapter shows the discussion from the research design and course, the respondents and research environment, the instruments and research gathering techniques that had been employed to resolve the problems brought up in Chapter 1 . This study utilized the descriptive method, since this method relates to varied varieties of problems also to conditions which might be prevailing, techniques that are taking place, points of watch or perceptions held, procedures and tends that are expanding. INSTRUMENTS AND TECHNIQUES Employed in order to gather sufficient info for this study, the set of questions was the tool utilized by the researchers.

Set of questions The set of questions as the principal instrument utilized in this research to gather the needed info and data from the tutor and students-respondents. Construction. The researcher used books, periodicals, and publications, internet resources and unpublished theses to guide her in framing the questionnaire. Validity The main instrument was known her mentor and other colleagues for comments and ideas. The final draft was submitted to Doctor Eduardo To.

Dela Cruceta Jr. the Dean of faculty of Education. TREATMENT OF DATA The regularity of the response of each item was based on computation with the number of respondents who checked out a particular item. To determine the demographic profile, percentage was computed using this method: x 100 Where: P percentage f frequency And volume of respondents Different data that were gathered by the researcher from your respondents were treated using the weighted normal.

To determine the measured average the formula was: Where: CALIFORNIA = measured average TW= total weight N= number of cases A five point size was used inside the study with the respective points and which means. For all the complications, this reveals the level of user’s satisfaction within the staff, book collection, and facilities a five point scale was used with the specifics. Range Assigned Value Description Meaning 4. 60 your five. 49 your five Excellent The provision is extremely extensive and functioning outstandingly 3. 40 5. 49 some Very Acceptable The dotacion is reasonably adequate & functional perfectly 2 . 50 a few.

49 three or more Satisfactory The provision is usually adequate and functioning well 1 . 55 2 . 49 a couple of Fair The provision is limited and functioning well 1 . 00 1 . forty-nine 1 Poor The dotacion is very limited and performing poorly Part 3 PRESENTATION, ANALYSIS, AND INTERPRETATION OF INFORMATION This part presents the information gathered by the researchers through the respondents throughout the questionnaire. Your data that were accumulated were brought into adequate research and presentation and had been utilized to solution the specific inquiries raised in Chapter 1 ) These are three very important aspects that were offered emphasis through this study.

They are: The profile of the pupil respondents; the user’s level of satisfaction with the library regarding its staffs, its publication collection as well as its facilities; as well as the significant differences that exist on the level of pleasure of BSE students when ever grouped relating to season level. A. Student Profile Tables 1-3 present the profile info of the pupil respondents. It can tackle the following: The year amount of the students, the books that they can borrow in the library and the number of times/weeks they go to the library. Table 1 YEAR AMOUNT OF THE STUDENTS YEAR LEVEL Number of College students Percentage initial year thirty seven 33. sixty four 2nd season 31 28. 18 3 rd year 30 26. thirty eight 4th yr 13 14.

82 Total 110 90. 00 In table 1, it can be viewed that the initial year pupils are the biggest number of respondents with the total of thirty seven students or perhaps 33. 64 percent. Subsequent to choices the second 12 months with the total of 31 students or 28.

18 percent. Another year provides a total of 29 pupils or twenty six. 36 percent. The fourth was the least quantity of respondents which has a total of 13 students or 10. 82 percent.

Table two THE NUMBER OF TIME/WEEKS OF LIBRARY VISITS Range of Times stopped at the catalogue No . of students Percentage 1 twenty-two 20. 00 2 23 21. 00 3 thirty-three 30. 00 4 12-15 13. 64 5 three or more 2 . 73 6 above 14 12.

72 Total 110 75. 00 Desk 2 gives that thirty-three students or 30 percent in the respondents says that they just visit the catalogue 3 times within a week. Nevertheless , there are 23 students or 21percent from the respondents admit they simply visit the catalogue for only 2 times within a week.

You will discover 22 students or 20 percent of the participants who said that they visit the library Once (1 time) a week. In addition there are 15 pupils or 13. 64 percent of the participants that said they will only visit the library 4x in a week.

However , you will discover 14 pupils or doze. 72 percent of the participants who stated that they go to the library 6 times and above within a week. Only 3 college students or installment payments on your 73 percent of the participants said that that they visit the selection for 5 times in a week. Table a few FREQUENTLY TOOK OUT BOOKS Subject No . of students Percentage English 45 41.

00 Science 31 27. 27 Math 20 18. 18 Prof. Ed 15 13. 64 Total 110 95. 00. In table three or more, it can be found that forty-five students or perhaps 41 percent borrows English language books, whilst 30 pupils or twenty seven. 27 percent borrows Technology books. In the mean time, 20 learners or 18. 18 percent borrows Math books and the remaining 15 students or perhaps 13. 64 percent borrows books regarding Professional Education. English books are the most frequently borrowed since English educators often offer library works and studies to BSE students. However, Prof. Ed. books will be the least usually borrowed ones because instructors on these types of subjects almost never give selection works and researches. M. The Level of Pleasure of BSE students upon library services.

Table 4 THE LIBRARY’S STAFF ITEM WM Description RANK 1 . The library staff has an advanced pc skills and can adapt quickly to new technology. 2 . 80 Satisfactory your five 2 . The library ecuries are friendly enough to help clients access the materials and information they really want. 3. 22 Satisfactory 5 3. The staff in the selection has a very good interpersonal skill. 3. thirty-one Satisfactory three or more 4. The library staff wears correct attire. a few.

62 Very Satisfactory a couple of 5. The library staff follows the rules and rules that must be noticed in the library. 3. 70 Very Satisfactory 1 Average Weighted Imply 3. 33 Figure 1 Library Staff. In Number 1, it might be observed which the respondents have got a satisfactory charge of 2. 79 on the item of the catalogue staff’s enhance computer abilities and their speedy adaptation to new technology (1). The participants also have a adequate rate of three.

22 within the item of the library staff’s approachability (2). Another satisfactory rate of 3. 31 was given by the participants on the item of the catalogue staff’s social skills (3). Meanwhile, a very satisfactory rate of 3. sixty two was given by respondents on the item of the library staff’s proper clothes (4). And finally, another incredibly satisfactory level of 3. 75 was given by respondents within the item in the library staff’s observance from the rules and regulation inside the library (5). Table a few THE LIBRARY’S BOOK COLLECTION ITEM WM Description Rank 1 . The library has a multiple assortment of books.

3. 55 Incredibly Satisfactory two 2 . The library’s collection of books are updated. several. 35 Sufficient 5 3. The library’s collection are suitable to the lessons/research of the college students. 3. 49 Satisfactory three or more.

5 4. The catalogs in the catalogue are in a good condition. several. 63 Very Satisfactory you 5. The books will be properly protected with plastic-type cover and therefore are labeled correctly. 3. forty-nine Satisfactory 3. 5.

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