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This document provides the template you can use to total this task. Save the file with the addition of your last name to the filename (e. g. Week2_Self_Assessment_Template_Smith. docx).

Be sure to proofread and cause check your operate before you submit that. A grading rubric is also available at the finish of this record. There are 4 parts for the Self-Assessment. Portion 1: Reflect on your results from the self-assessment exercises you’ve done in the textbook, and also others you could have done in yesteryear, and complete the table listed below.

Review current or past jobs to recognize your transferable skills. Develop an inventory of the most valuable career-related skills (minimum 15), instances where you have demonstrated having these skills (minimum three), and the core values you want work to echo (minimum five).

Take into consideration the traits employers are seeking, which include technical and transferable abilities and basic abilities. (30 POINTS) SELF-ASSESSMENT EXERCISES & MY BENEFITS I completed the following assessments/inventories as part of my own self-assessment actions: My the majority of marketable career-related skills are… (minimum 15) (Remember to include technical and transferable abilities on this list! ) Types of instances where I have shown these skills consist of… (minimum 3) 1 . I was a part period supervisor for UPS pertaining to five years, and became a supervisor following 40 times because I actually learned all of the specific rules and procedures that would have to be learned. installment payments on your I was an assistant manager to a family event Dollar Inc., the only cause I remaining was since the store has not been in a secure environment, but before I still left I assisted my manager in having a way to lessen shrinkage(theft) in our store without being invasive or insulting. three or more. I was once an associate youth leader in my cathedral, and during that time I came across back to school drives, and other activities to be able to encourage the youth to become more affiliated with the house of worship and to network within one another.

Core principles I want my work to reflect will be… (minimum 5) In my great job, I would be… (state what you find yourself carrying out as part of your ideal job) I’ve always been the person who appreciated to help people and make them feel better, regardless of how I might be sense or what’s going on in my life. Given that I’m older and have worked in the healthcare field this gives me a chance to implement what that comes very naturally to me. In my ideal job I want to be considered a manager for a health care facility.

Although this position can be not as practical as I’m used to I am able to still make a difference behind the scenes by helping patients that may be unable to afford their particular health care, or may not have resources or the realizing that they may need for assistance outdoors their primary care in my facility. Component 3: Identify your one-, two-, and five-year profession goals, produce a list of feasible employers of preference in your career field (minimum 3), possible job headings for your one-, two-, and five-year goals (one for every goal), and current wage ranges for all those job games. (30 POINTS) CAREER GOALS Career GoalsPotential Employers (minimum 3)Possible Job Titles (minimum 3)Current Earnings Ranges (for each task title) My one-year career goal can be… (state pregnancy here) At this time I want to live in the position of case member of staff just to always learn and possess a better comprehension of dealing with patients outside of the hands on range.

Part 5: Provide a brief summary of everything you have learned about yourself plus the characteristics of the dream task as a result of the reflection and research you could have done as part of this job (minimum 75 words). (20 POINTS) MY OWN LEARNINGS After doing this assignment I’ve found that I was well in the right direction to doing my job goals. More importantly that my own personality and skills match my best job. I actually am a person who is caring, can lead and manage large or small numbers of people; and I have a very persuasive skill.

Part one particular: Award complete credit if perhaps all areas meet bare minimum requirements. Take up to twenty points according to how imperfect the responses are. Simply no points honored if the section is certainly not completed.

Take up to a few points intended for spelling and grammatical problems. 30 Portion 2: Award full credit rating if the suitable job is described adequately. Deduct about 10 points intended for incomplete replies. No points awarded in case the section is definitely not accomplished. Deduct about 5 items for punctuational and grammatical errors.

20 Part several: Award complete credit if perhaps all sections meet bare minimum requirements. Deduct up to twenty points based on how unfinished the answers are. Not any points awarded if the section is not really completed. Take up to five points to get spelling and grammatical mistakes.

30 Component 4: Prize full credit rating if the pupil has provided a reflective summary of their learnings. Deduct up to ten features if the response is incomplete. No factors awarded in the event the section is definitely not accomplished.

Deduct about 5 items for punctuational and grammatical errors. 20 TOTAL ITEMS 100

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