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After this 1 month course, I have discovered a lot of knowledge about Intra-personal competences. This course is very interesting than other course as there are plenty of psychological tests for us to play and though the procedure, we appreciate more regarding ourselves.

This course is not so difficult as it is just a lessons which coach you on something about feelings and delight, communication abilities, how to build up a positive relationship and conversation in relatives etc . This is useful in the daily life. For example , the feelings, I think that it is useful for me personally as I possess double personality. I always can’t control my own emotion inside my home including if there is nearly anything make me irritated or dissatisfied, I will shed my outburst and scold without end but I can control my feelings very well in outside. The reason is , I know that my parents must forgive me and they are the individuals who understand me many in the world.

Although after this course, I advised to me: it is time to change. I need to increase my personality especially in the front of my parents. I need to discover how to calm down before I shed my mood, maybe I have to have a number of deep breathe in or drink a cup of chilly water. I don’t wish to perform unhealthy attitude to my parents ever again.

So the following two matters: building great relationship and communication in family are best suited to express during my example as well. I just declared I don’t want to perform the bad frame of mind to my parents anymore thus i want to hold a positive marriage with all of them. The most important component to maintain a great relation is sufficient communication. Might be during or after the supper, both of all of us can exchange the recent situation with each other or step out for family working day which can increase the relationship. Therefore i am happy that I may try to appropriate my weak point after this study course.

Thank you very much!

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