Skyscrapers case ielts function essay

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As populations develop and urban centers become more congested, there is pressure throughout the world to set up ever-taller building to provide hotel and office buildings. Many persons object to such advancements citing the social in addition to the physical problems. Do you agree with objections to skyscrapers?

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Offer reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write by least two hundred and fifty words.

The objections to skyscrapers will be unfounded as they are found as the only remedy for the ever increasing demand for space for enclosure and other uses.

Although certain social along with physical problems are related to such properties, they remain the most beneficial advent of gentleman concerning the business of space within the geographical limitations of your particular place, especially towns.

The most important benefit of skyscrapers is the fact maximum space can be provided within a limited geographical area. As selling price for area is skyrocketing especially in big cities as well as availability can be does not maximize, this seems to be the only solutions for people to have space by moderate expenses.

If perhaps one usually takes the sort of a city just like Bangalore in India, where land rates are very large, huge buildings are constructed within the metropolis limits intended for residential and also commercial uses. This will save huge amount pounds and area for individuals and organisations, which can used for additional purposes. Large areas are certainly not available in big cities and so people may operate businesses and live within the metropolis limits.

Another benefit of skyscrapers is that it provides an outstanding look to the skyline of big urban centers, which means that a large number of buildings will be constructed within an aesthetic style. Such excessive rise set ups usually offer a magnificent check out the city when compared to smaller complexes. If you would examine the landmarks on most of the towns, they are certainly these high rise structures. For instance, the Opera Property in Sydney and the ruined World Control Centre in New York will be examples of this sort of architectural magic. Many can be believe that tall buildings have got greater opportunity for new liberties.

You will discover people who believe such properties are always by a greater likelihood of crumbling down, which can trigger enormous damage to life and property. In addition, living in the limited space make lifestyle congested with more people and cars making the city congested. These are small distractions in the face of the enormous benefits that this sort of multi-storey buildings can bring.

In summary, sky scrapers are here to stay and people are constructing more and more such complexes and enjoy their benefits.

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