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The Ptolemaic model was accepted by simply most philosophers of be aware until it was radically challenged by the Polish astronomer Copernicus in 1530. The Catholic church condemned the Copernican System in 1616 and forbade holding, defending, or maybe teaching alternatives to the Ptolemaic conception from the universe backed by the Cathedral (Fowler 2008: 10). Nevertheless both hypotheses were pure conjecture before the development of the Galilean telescope. Galileo’s telescope was a customization of the currently existing improved lenses used for studying by the lengthy – and short-sighted. Galileo did not create corrective improved lenses or even the telescope, but this individual did considerably improve them. By making use of the two convex and concave lenses, Galileo surely could expand the magnification electrical power and length vision of ordinary gazers, enabling to look extensive into the heavens (Fowler 2008: 10).

“Galileo’s belief that his discoveries with the telescope strongly preferred the Copernican world watch meant he was headed for trouble while using Church” (Fowler 2008: 10). As illustrated in Two Pieces of Goblet, a critical element of Galilean theory was the occurrence of sunspots, or darker patches on the surface of the sun. “He observed, ” through the use of his telescope, “motion of the sunspots indicating that the sunlight was spinning on an axis. These blemishes on the Sunlight were contrary to the doctrine of your unchanging ideal substance inside the heavens, as well as the rotation in the Sun caused it to be less strange that the Earth might move on an axis too, as required in the Copernican style. Both symbolized new facts that were unknown to Aristotle and Ptolemy” (Galileo: The telescope and laws of dynamics, 2010, Astronomy 161).

Other essential findings of Galileo were the presence of moons orbiting about Jupiter, and evidence that “Venus experienced a complete group of phases, just as the Moon. This observation was among the most significant in human history, for it provided the initially conclusive observational proof that was consistent with the Copernican system but not the Ptolemaic system” (Galileo: The telescope and laws of dynamics, 2010, Astronomy 161). Other discoveries included the rings of Saturn; the planets were disc-shaped, not really points of light; the ‘cloud’ of celebrities now known as the Milky Method and the fact that the celestial body overhead was included in a series of craters and not easy (Galileo: The telescope and laws of dynamics, 2010, Astronomy 161).

All of these physical findings had been unknown towards the Greeks, and indeed could not had been known to the Greeks due to limits of their technology. However , Galileo’s achievements was not merely technical, when it comes to his improvement of existing telescopic technology. It was likewise profoundly essential in the way that it approached nature. Creating a coherent philosophical and religious system and producing sense of man’s romance to the ensemble was of less importance than really understanding how things ‘worked. ‘ Galileo’s rigorismo and statistical precision established the strengthen for modern science in all disciplines and continues to do this to this day. However some of the early Greek philosophers did prefigure the Galilean approach, Galileo’s marriage of hands-on function, observation, and empirical as well as deductive intelligence was unique and truly changed the way in which human beings observed the world.


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