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As musician and designers we’re usually attracted by cultural excesses. That’s where beauty as well as the horror of present time shines out in it’s the best. This time we found natural beauty behind the hidden doorways of the flourishing world of trainers, one of the enduring veteran icons of American customer culture. When I meet a nice-looking boy, his shoes are definitely the first thing We look at. We all know that you can tell so much about a person with what they have on on their foot.

Apparently I’m not the only one. Shoes carry sexual connotations in mainstream culture. There is nothing scandalous about stilettos being marketed as sexy.High heels are a widely accepted vanilla expression of shoe fetishism. Yet the persuasive power of sports footwear has caused the rise of darkrooms within sneaker culture. In the dark zones of the sneaker cult, fanatics enjoy intimacy with stylish kicks on their feet and in their mouth. The iconoclastic twist of a sneakerhead making love to his sneaker could be the ultimate case of a shopper and a product becoming one, surrendered in manic mutual adoration.

We were introduced to the term sneakerslaves[->3] via a friend. After a little bit of XX-browsing we found the Tumblrs Sneaker Fetish[->4], Sk8terboy[->5] and a Dutch sneaker fetish wikipedia page[->6]. The page informs us that most trainer fetishists, gay men and straight men, are based in France, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands. Common forms of sneaker fetishism are worshipping[->7], licking[->8] and sniffing[->9] sneakers. Shoeslaves also swap[->10] each other’s sneakers, or eat food [->11]out of their kicks. These fetishists provide photos that make our hearts beat faster. Onc the bad boys ” often dressed to kill ” aren’t represented in the expected realm of the street fight, a sketchy strip golf club, or in a exhausted six-pack work out scenario. In these counter-glamour pictures of difficult boys showing their smooth side, while sensually sniffing at their high priced sneakers with attention and adoration.

These kinds of boys present that shoe fetishism goes beyond thigh-length leather boots, killer heels and kinky battle boots. An exclusive place in this kind of list is definitely taken by our day to day hot leg techinques, the training sneaker. Thanks to the blend of pop lifestyle, nostalgia, strongbrand-creation, high tech styles and constant launch of recent models, the sneaker come to a reputation that entered all the lines of contest and monetary classes. A distinct segment of consumers changed into sneakerheads, and a niche of sneakerheads turned into sneakerslaves. The affection of urban youngsters for their tennis shoes is one among true love. A primary reason they appreciate their leg techinques so much would be that the footwear represents cultural and private transcendence.

The ideal pair of trainers associates the wearer with amazing athletic successes while special special editions seem to have the power to build an identification in a world where nevertheless things appear to be available all over the place. Rare models encourage the sneaker geek to take on each other. Moccasins seem really worth the expenditure. They have a chance to retain or increase in benefit despite being used. Actually, a large number of sneakerheads don’t mind rocking some timeless classics that look a little worn-in. This kind of threshold and compassion for a footwear for women can flame up to a long. The look, the feeling and the smell of brand new and/or put on sneakers, could cause an adoration that blurs out the collection between sneaker freaks and sneaker fetishists.

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