Sociology and Basic Existentialist Standpoint Essay

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You will discover six themes of existentialism; the themes are grouped to define the mode of considered those who could call themselves existentialists. The first topic is known as “existence precedes essence”, which is the essential existentialist viewpoint. The beliefs in a person’s life are not inherited in the society, but are solely based upon their mind.

The second theme is classified as “anxiety”. The nature of stress is like the dread of being nothing. This kind of anxiety motivates existentialists to make something with their lives rather than embracing the pointless of life. The third theme of existentialism displays “absurdity”, there is no reason for humans to exist, nothing has a point, and it’s rather absurd. The fourth theme is known as “Nothingness”, an existentialist feels as though they are identified only by their being nevertheless the beliefs and situations that you lives may also be defined.

An existentialist feels they’re given birth to with nothing at all: no prepositions can make everything for themselves. Therefore an existentialist must have no constructions. “Death” is recognized as the 5th theme of existentialism. Death is the final end of presence, thus fatality is a inspiring factor in your life. Everyone has a natural fear of loss of life, but we have to overcome hat fear, exist to the fullest. Let loss of life happen since it is inevitable. “Alienation” displays the sixth theme of existentialism.

Alienation is the remoteness from world and cultural orders. It truly is present in culture, to those people who create and pursue their very own personal desires, also not majority guidelines. In this idea, they do not match social institutions; therefore a great existentialist discovers their world empty and meaningless.

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