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Medical training is about treating individuals who understand, there is little training for the patients whom are not “normal, ” and so the medical community is sick prepared to cope with other cultures. The American doctors had been saddened by Lia’s state, which deteriorated to a vegetative state after having a two-hour extended seizure, but they never spent the time to understand tips on how to really contact the Hmong. Even the interpersonal workers would not really understand how to communicate with them. Much of the conflict of cultures was because of lack of one common language, but even more was due to cockiness and large ignorance. The social employees and doctors could not have a baby of people who did not read, did not know how to tell time, and could not understand even simple commands, regardless if they were translated effectively. The Hmong had been from a bad, agricultural culture, and points Americans neglect were unknown to them. It is especially sad that the little girl like Lia was your one who was caught in the centre, and that many people did not learn anything from her history. Her account proves that two cultures can study from each other, nonetheless they have to would like to learn, and many of the people in Merced did not want to learn regarding the Hmong, they only wanted to pin the consequence on them after they did not adapt “normal” American culture.

While the American doctors, with years of training, were quite sure of all their expertise and knowledge, the Hmong are not. They distrusted the doctors, and attempting to seemed the fact that medicines they will prescribed truly made the situation worse, rather than better. The Lees generally stopped providing anti-seizure prescription drugs for just this kind of reason. They were doing not recognize that altering the doses a little bit might lead to drastic effects. They also did not understand that the expense of the amounts they consistently received was forever mounting, and since we were holding Medi-Cal individuals, they had certainly not paid a cent. Some Hmong patients at the Merced hospital attempted to explain the Hmong philosophy. One particular said, “But the Hmong, he will want the doctor to calmly explain and comfort him. It does not happen. I actually do not fault the doctor. It’s the system in America” (Fadiman 62). This kind of immigrant realized more than many. Unfortunately, many doctors tend not to “explain or comfort, inches they anticipate patients to become and adhere to their medical diagnosis since they “know more” than the patient. The Hmong wish more than curing from their doctors, they want understanding, and the Lees were not getting this understanding from their doctors. They lived in a world that they literally wasn’t able to understand. Everything was in The english language, and they could hardly speak or perhaps write it, they could hardly even publish Hmong. People who ordered them to do things that they could not figure out surrounded these people. They were scared and upset, and it is no surprise. It is also no surprise that they decided to treat their very own daughter an effective way they recognized how, using their own superstitions and values. She would not seem to be better despite the American treatments, and they did not include any idea what different to do. It had been a terrible moment for them, as well as the American doctors, too.

In conclusion, Lia’s tale is a conflict of ethnicities that required little time to know each other. The Lees arrived at America devoid of understanding the dialect or the culture – seeking to continue their old community ways and customs within a new world. The American doctors had little if any understanding of the Hmong or perhaps their needs and beliefs, and expected those to understand and adapt to American culture instantly. Both sides demonstrated incredible disbelief and myths, and none side recognized how to reach the other. It was a sad case of cultures whom did not learn how to blend, and those who did not understand how to communicate, and it shows how ethnical barriers can adversely impact the lives of everyone, no matter what traditions they come via.


Fadiman, Anne. The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down: A Hmong Child, Her American Doctors, plus the Collision of

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