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By completing this task students should be able to: • Use negotiation and interpersonal expertise to collect abilities and failings statements that apply to these people. • Illustrate an awareness of themselves. Preparation and Elements • Clones of Info Piece “Strengths And Weaknesses” for each and every student or one among two. A couple of “Strengths And Weaknesses” greeting cards per group. These must be shuffled to avoid all bare cards arriving together within a pack.

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Approach 1 . Give out copies in the Info Piece to learners. 2 . Clarify the aim of the exercise making use of the learning results on the Details Sheet. several. Put the learners into safeguarded groups of up to 8 users and concern a set of greeting cards to each group. 4. Help remind the students before starting that they can “pass” if asked to reveal a thing they do not wish to talk about. 5. Run through the reason of the credit card game with them.

6th. Observe and support the groups as they play the sport.. Ask the scholars what they have discovered from the lessons. 8. Sum up the main learning outcomes. Extendable Activity • Encourage pupils to write their very own strengths and weaknesses in the Personal Education Plan (PEP). • Advise the students of the Key Abilities. ask each group to select one strength/weakness card for every single Key Skill.

Learning Results: By completing this you will be able to: • Employ negotiation and interpersonal abilities. • Select strengths and weaknesses which usually apply to you. • Display that you know your true personal.  Strengths And Weaknesses Your teacher can give your group a set of playing cards. • Your group need to appoint a dealer who have shuffles, discounts one credit card to each of you and in that case puts the remaining cards in a pile confront down on the table. • Think about the card you have received and how that reflects your personality, since either a strength or a some weakness.

If the greeting card means something to you retain it. • Starting to the left of the seller each member from the crew, in turn has the chance to reject their particular card make it confront down underneath the pile, and replace it with another from your top of the stack. If you have a blank cards you can create in strong points or weaknesses of your choice. • Then, in turn each one of you has to grab another greeting card which you can either keep or perhaps out back underneath the pile and replace it with another from your top until all the greeting cards are acquired.

You can simply reject one particular card in each turn. • The exercise is total when each of the cards have been completely used, although it is likely that some credit cards may not be acceptable to any individual. • Everybody in the group then displays their number of cards to the rest of the group and, consequently, each of you talks about your choice of strengths and weaknesses cards. Other members of the group may ask you to give good examples e. g. • Honest – discovered $5. 00 and passed it in to the school workplace • Ambitious – desire to remain competitive in the Olympics • Indecisive – required an hour to decide what to use last Sunday • Once you have all got your turn, discuss any kind of changes you want to make to your selections.

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