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Having a healthy children is no less than having a great atomic bomb, but , to get well educated, would want to have a future full of wish. There is no doubt the Albanian junior today is definitely poured through her brain tide of the time and with great sacrifice made its challenges. Careers with which it deals today are of numerous natures, even degenerate. Her dynamic strength used and consumed quickly in things, that is not well worth even give each attention. Albanian university youth because the expect of the region, that nation has forgotten to slice cultural and scientific creativeness and create artistic value, which will be further push to integration in civilized countries.

It is isolated on destinations, burden-cafes will be packed filled with freshman college student, while bookstores and your local library have become museums, rarely somebody comes to visit. This children needs fresh roads, contemporary tools for quality and seasoned academics work, support, incentives to cultivate artistry, crafts, via whatever genre it is. These kinds of youth lack adequate manifestation in world, the lack of support structures, if governmental or perhaps nongovernmental.

Shed confidence In ancient fortifications youth continues to be basis of triumph, therefore , wars have typically occurred once soldiers won a majority of young and well educated, with Bonton spending sober mind and sound. People and youth leaders have entrusted to them, so that military commanders have made. Then so why Albanian youth today has lost the confidence with the people and state market leaders? Is the trouble? Does criminal offense surplus and deficit of morality among young people in disbelief and influenced the creation of your terrific judgment against them?

These and many other questions will be those that erode the fair soul in the young man, who also when he views how his friends drown in doubt, their particular doubts and wonders make it. According to some forms say that hesitation in our daily lives is becoming everyday movement and very serious spiritual condition simultaneously. Suspicion and mistrust man drown quiet, tips on how to believe in a new, which depends on repeatedly a day and darkness of doubt ropes? Lack of collective labor It is an undeniable fact that small Albanian school teasel is neglected in terms of collective organization. Association, message boards, and pupil unions is no less similar.

Our junior lacks perception and experience to work and other major collective. The idea happens that you just see and hear how a student or perhaps the student will not? mon expertise, science, fine art, etc . The collective operate. Fare does not care for ebooks, newspapers and magazines. Should not escape the challenges and problems in individual time when you have the problem of global figure.

Lack of collective labor Albanian university junior is the weakest and disturbing. Should a speed to understand a eco friendly stability and create circumstances for collective work, if we want to preserve our identity as young university and provide a feeling of hope nonetheless. Where following?! To step out of laziness world in the fine art world, the field of activity, cultivation of knowledge and morality, our youth needs to stop has by way of problem. Should have watched the advantages of youth in civilized countries, are educated to seek all their right to are supposed to be and to put into action it.

To come back to the shed dignity Albanian university youth, ve? anГ«risht here in Tetovo, where the places of the two Universities and schools have got thousands of students, seriously want to get back to operate and gown with honest values, clinical and accomplishment permanent and dignified function. Youth to see for the success of the actions that will keep, for the scientific and artistic actions. This would after that view and the desired profile for the student who has considered the oath of parents, villagers and people to? ua region forward towards success as well as the civilized globe.

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