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The genre showcased in my music video/storyboard was pop/soul. To be able to construct my own storyboard and music online video, I had to analyze cd includes, music videos and generic events within the genre. First of all We studied music videos by Steve Newman and Sam Jones as they employ similar narratives and universal conventions. We looked at Ruben Newman’s Like Me Again video the industry story of your man and a woman for a club whose love builds through the song, the narrative can be loosely based upon Romeo and Juliet the star cross’d lovers.

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Since this is the key motif we see the couple being in take pleasure in as a have difficulty and challenging to defeat. Throughout the video the love idea continues while we see the struggle disappearing, the few run out the club (holding hands) and both obtain hit with a truck this is presenting the surprise distort element, once again this pertains to the whole Romeo and Juliet convention. I also assessed and analyzed Sam Smith’s I’m not the only one video where once again we see a couple of but this time a married couple, the partnership shown in this video is founded on heartache, cheating and is placed.

The initial character we all meet is a traditional 50s devoted stay at home mom who does all the work, makes her husband breakfast, and washes the house. The 2nd character we meet is usually her hubby who is incredibly unappreciative and ignorant to everything his wife truly does for him. As a classic 1950’s guy he goes off “supposedly to work this might suggest a patriarchal culture. Throughout the online video we are shown two sides of a relationship, the woman who everything and the male whom goes off and cheats. And narrative codes I also looked at the visual and technical codes.

In both of the music video tutorials both music artists used similar technical unique codes, when watching the videos I recently came across that many distinct camera photos were used: extreme close ups, moderate shots, close ups and long photos which I construed into when filming my own, personal video. We also pointed out that some photographs matched the narrative which usually matched the lyrics to these songs of the track, again I’ve tried to make use of this convention inside my own music video. Although slow motion simply slightly showcased in the music-video I analyzed, I did use this effect to slow down critical scenes.

To help my exploration I also analyzed Mike Smiths In the lonely hour CD cover, which displays similar conventions to his music videos. For the front cover we see Sam Smith becoming thoughtful and reflective connoting possibly stress, the colors employed are quite darker which likewise connotes solitude and heartache which is symbolized in his music and music-video. The cover of the record is quite removed down, without having distractions of fancy artwork, which makes all of us focus on the portrait picture of the single artist. This suggest that the material on the recording is straight from the heart of this guy singer.

In direct comparison to the album cover, the only artwork can be brightly girl abstract brushstrokes which gives not any hint to who the artist is and the actual song is in fact about, which will runs through in a related vein on all of the solitary covers through the album. We also plan to look at David Newman’s Homage album which partly helped with constructing the storyplot board. By all of my personal research I can see that these two artists include similar narrative, technical and visual codes that I include chosen to include in my own music video.

Both songs I looked at depend on love stories that has been the subject matter I chose intended for my storyboard. The music I chose to get my video features the lyrics to these songs “Why shopping down all of the wrong roads? When my own is the heart and the salt of the spirit, There may be enthusiasts who hold out their hands But might never like you like I am able to.  I use interpreted these lyrics throughout the girl in the video’s perspective, which is targeted at her careless partner. This is a typical example of the lyrics that creates the story of the track I have picked for my video.

My personal target audience pertaining to my music video was women and probably men outdated from 15-35, my 1st audience I believed about although creating my own video was women even as see inside the video a relationship through the eyes of a woman. I chose this audience because I had formed researched Sam Smith and John Newman’s typical target audience. My music video could appeal for this audience since it is based on relationship which is generally experienced profoundly in this age bracket. Before I had fashioned even began filming my music online video I had to produce a storyboard to plan the characters and locations of the video.

My spouse and i used the music videos I had fashioned analyzed to assist me with constructing my own storyboard. My own storyboard the moment finished was based on two characters a male and a female, the feminine character I actually constructed was innocent and uncool while the male character was a bit of a player, a lad and highly thought of. I likewise added an extra character to look who was uncool like the girl, who is not really noticed by anybody nevertheless I modified this figure out when he was no loner relevant to the narrative.

The background music video I had formed created revolved around the two main figure on a time whilst the unnoticed person was there trying to get the girls focus on show her that she is going out with the wrong dude. As I acquired created the key male persona as a person I added the cheating conventions of music videos I had fashioned researched to pair together with his character. To portray this kind of in his figure I had organized for him to through the music video to keep looking at his phone and at the end from the video to demonstrate that he had really recently been texting another girl even though on a particular date with his partner.

To represent the partnership convention inside my storyboard I actually made the 2 main personas boyfriend and girlfriend to further this idea I chose intended for characters to support hands, laugh and overall have a good time together. The original establishing I had chosen was in Bahía or a coffee shop but as a result of permission and time uses, I had to improve the location to outside in fields and parks. Once i had finished producing my storyboard and changed position ideas, I used to be pretty confident on the setting and location.

After look through Sam Smith’s lonely people I chose “Like I Can to be the music for my video. When I started recording I had the narrative modify as I was required to edit out your extra persona I put in my storyboard as he was no longer strongly related the story. The locations I had selected for my personal music online video was Thomas Hardye Institution, The Area and South West Train Station. I chose these spots as simply no permission to film was needed and it produced the narrative between the couple look more relaxed and natural. Deciding on this location was likewise an advantage as there was more space and scenery.

My online video is purely narrative centered as I experience this proved helpful for me and matched events and requirements of the operative genre I had formed studied. Because the video starts there is a taken of the young man drawing call him by his name and the young ladies name in a heart, My spouse and i used this as it pertains back to when folks used to carve hearts in a tree. The shot I actually used here was cruising in so you could begin to see the initials clearly. The song I chose to work with the cover is of a black and light abstract piece of art, which I include portrayed through black and light in this taken.

In my online video Kieran you character is seen to be using the same apparel throughout the music video this shows and creates and idea intended for the audience which the narrative happens in one day. The female personality Amy is also wearing a similar clothing showing the same thought. I had decided to film the narrative in a single day showing the idea of all of them being over a date. Through the entire pop genre there are many different camera shots that i have tried to incorporate into my music video. The song I chose to use the cover features a black and white subjective painting, that i have described through grayscale white impact in my music video.

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