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Why I’ve chosen it: Bashundhara Residential Area is one of the best residential areas comparing in front of large audiences residential areas of Dhaka town. It has been started almost twenty-five years ago. It is often said to be a remarkable residential area for its suitable location in the center of the Dhaka city, good communication program with others commercial areas of the capital.

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Nonetheless it became a lot more popular through the entire country due to its world class hospital like ” Apollo hospital; renowned educational institutes like International School Dhaka and North Southern University, and corporate house of Grameen Telephone added the extra value than some other areas in Bangladesh.

A lot of the habitant of Bashundhara are mainly occupied by simply job slots, businessman, pupil and others top notch societies. Though it had been started long time back due to require of the necessity of the mass population, yet very just lately, the denseness of the inhabitants is elevating dramatically.

Beneath the present point of view to fulfill the essential needs of the households, there is notable number of super outlets, grocery shops and others daily necessary things shops are available at the entrance of bashudhara residential area which is not so far coming from living areas.

Nevertheless now-a-days, super shops happen to be being quite definitely popular over the customers to get the convenience of their shopping and bashundhara residential district is no these kinds of exception. You will find four this kind of super retailers are currently available. Super Shop

An especially large store that is a one-stop shopping vacation spot by offering highly diversified items, such as groceries, toys, and camera equipment, or a wide variety of products in a specific product line, just like computers or perhaps sporting goods.. For instance , many superstores allow customers to buy food stores, but the super shops obtainable in Bashundhara residential area cannot provide facilities just like banking, images developing, and oil changing facilities inside the customers’ automobile.

Super outlets of Bashundhara residential area about which I am going to prepare my personal report happen to be Genius Purchasing Centre, No Stop Mega Shop, K. B. Mega Shop and Bashundhara Collection. Genius Searching Centre: Genius Shopping Center is the market leader among various other super outlets of Bashundhara residential area. You are able to to be the initially and master of the very shop contrasting to others super shop this place. It has been proven about 4 years ago. Since the initially super store, it has gained the immense brand photo comparably in front of large audiences.

It has the heist sum of sales. They started out with a tiny shop but due to the innumerous pressure of customers they have effectively expanded its size and facilities to think of their valuable customers. 1 demerit pertaining to genius may be stated that their very mall is usually two storied and consumers face complications during purchasing when they operate with their cart on the ground ground but when customers goes to initial floor they need to leave their very own trolley on the floor floor and it creates complications during their buying.

Non Quit Mega Shop: After Guru, Non Quit Mega Shop was exposed with practically same establishments like Wizard along which includes extra gain like COMPACT DISK -DVD collection shop and huge varieties of companies this huge shop is a major opposition for Guru. Therefore , No Stop Ultra Shop is delivering some additional features to the customer like their stuffs are very very much prompt and quick company. Comparing to Genius, Low Stop Super Shop can be benefiting for its physical system as it is one particular storied and customers can easily move from a single part to another part on a single floor.

K. B. Super Shop: Apart from the above mentioned Wizard and Not Stop Huge shops. K. B. Super Shop is among the most recently opened up super store which is trying to attract the customers but they are in some manner failed due to the narrow entry and its front side as well occupied by varies fruits and others suppliers that very often creates headaches to customers to get into it. K. W. Mega Store is the follower than other folks previous very shops. One more very disadvantage for E. B.

Huge shop is the fact unfavorable position for the purchasers as it is positioned on the left side with the entrance street, as the client face serious problem to park their very own vehicle. Bashudhara Collection: Bahsundhara Collection is the most recently opened super shop at the bashundhara area which is also the fans. They offers stated their particular business about four years back with the small grocery shop but now they may have shifted to new location very nearer to it is previous location. Although it is definitely follower however it has a big advantage than others as it provides medical pharmacy along using grocery and households’ things.

The physical evidence of the super shop is enough to offer extra rhythm to it is customer. Disadvantge for bashundhar collection can be same as K. B. Super shop as the car parking service. There is no this sort of super shop which uses accurately Internet marketing idea yet somehow one of the most recently opened mega shops are a little bit niche marketing intended for young decades specilly for teenagers and children. The super shops in the entrance of Bahsudnhara residential district don’t effectively follow the coping with competition guidelines.

There is no formal procedure that is being practiced. But based upon different circumstances in some cases they are applying a few of the rules. But the practice is incredibly limited. In this article the organization definitions are very similar. All are selling nearly same varieties of products and the costs in all shops varies very slightly because they try to become competitors of each other. And so without any doubt they are close competition. The benefits the customers derive from the services happen to be almost comparable. That’s why the degree of substitutability is far more similar.


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