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When a relatively primitive technology is used in the production process, the technology is usually referred to as labor-intensive. A highly modern technology, on the other hand, is mostly termed capital-intensive. Business Point of view: The way that businesses function both in and out of the office has changed drastically. As a result of advances in computer, data and interaction technology.

Firms now use a number of mobile devices, computer software and different applications that employees are able to use for advertising networking, as well as research and development, for his or her goods and services. Internet- the Internet, perhaps more than some other factor, is promoting the way that companies do business. Most companies have got websites, which allow them to reach a larger market and catch the attention of customers and employees coming from all over the world.

Additionally , businesses are at this point utilizing social-networking websites just like Facebook, LinkedIn and Tweets, enabling these to communicate immediately with clients with media and improvements. These websites will be interactive, which means that companies also can receive immediate feedback in new products via customers, boosting the process of r and d. Email, video conferencing and online forums have also achieved it easier for your business to become even more globalized, communicating quickly and easily with clients and co-workers irrespective of their area. * Cellular Devices- The web resources in the above list are not only available on your workplace computer.

Many businesses provide their particular employees to mobile devices such as laptops, asus tablets, PDAs and smart phones. The unit are portable and enable personnel to stay frequently connected and updated with their work. They also make this more possible for employees to possess a mobile business office, doing work from virtually any location and allowing them to travelling or are in an area besides where the business is actually located.

Most mobile phones also have a massive number of applications available just like productivity equipment, locators that utilize GPS DEVICE functions and also other organizational applications that help employees down load, type, share and even produce documents slightly from their gadget. * Software- Depending on the type of business, the application used by businesses will vary. Nevertheless , many companies can usually benefit from several types of software program and applications.

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