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The content titled: Can easily Technology Increase Healthcare Decisions? details the importance of making decisions and how technology impacts decision-making. Specifically, the article discusses making personal overall health decisions and uses the example of within the seatbelt to get a picture with the significance from the process. To make wise personal health decisions, the article utilizes a basic solution: medical information + your details = wise health decisions (Dugas, 2017). The your data aspect requires a persons philosophy, past activities, and point of view. People are likely to remain in all their current path by both choosing the arrears option provided or not really choosing an alternate path. Technology can be used to be familiar with nature of risk, gain information (i. e. physical activity monitor) to make the kinds of educated personal overall health decisions required to live a normal life.

Strength and Validity

Dugas (2017) offers several examples to back up his says that technology can aid in decision-making with regards to personal well being. While Dugas does not employ quantitative information to express his point, he does an abstract description of so why technology can be helpful. For example , technology can help inside the three areas involved in decision-making. our own specific responsibilities, our overall health risks, and technology (Dugas, 2017, p. 53). Though most of the content talks about the value of decision-making and what aspects of decision-making are involved (individual responsibility and nature of risk), the section entitled: Decision Aids provides real-world examples of how technology allows people make wise decisions for their personal health.

Several decision aids involve non-technology like essays. However , there are technology-based decision aids that truly support inform individuals of their options in a easy and convenient manner. Relating to Dugas (2017), these kinds of decision supports can enhance the knowledge of a person help to make better decisions. A recent research showed decision aids perform in fact produce it more probable that individuals think more educated and better informed. Whenever using a decision aid, individuals probably have a far more active position in decision-making and more correct risk perceptions (Dugas, 2017, p. 53-54). The simple example of blood glucose watches wirelessly connected to a server transmits blood glucose levels permitting a steady and simple flow of data between healthcare practitioner and patient (Dugas, 2017). Individuals can also monitor themselves through such gadgets and decide whether to adopt a change in diet and lifestyle or not.

These devices are just one particular

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