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People often debate whether technology is good or awful. Many persons believe that technology can only damage their lives and culture, while many others strongly protect the systems which have produced their lives much more leisurely and improving than it might have been several hundred years ago. I think, both of these sights are correct to an extent, but I also believe that what should be examined can be not if technology in its self excellent or awful, but rather the way you as individuals use it.

For decades now, tv has been falsely accused of causing the mold of the American family and the destruction in the minds of these who observe it. However , although the TELEVISION has been involved with this, the condition roots avoid technology but instead the people who also choose to allow it run their very own lives. I think this since it is parents, not really TV pieces, who choose to let their children sit in front of the television for hours upon hours, and it is the parents who will not intervene and replace TV time with quality family time.

Technology has also been blamed for wrecking the brains of adults who shell out as well considerably time watching it, in fact, the responsibility should sit on what programs a person wrist watches or the individual that chooses to view it consistently. Another topic that comes to mind when technology is mentioned is the household appliances which may have evolved within the last century. Freezers, gas and electric stoves, microwaves, vacuums, dishwashers. the list goes on and on. These things make housework tremendously easier than it would have already been about 100 years ago. This kind of results with both positive and negative effects.

It has given us easier techniques for finding jobs done, leaving more time for other things, but the negative part of this is exactly what is decided to do from this extra time we must remember to use our greatest judgment to determine what solutions are good and which could end up being harmful. We must also remember that what ever technology does to the lives, technology in itself is definitely not to pin the consequence on, but rather how we used it.

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