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Teenage Development, Expert Pressure, Psychosocial Development, Teenage life

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During the last five years research has indicated that the human brain of an young is less developed since researchers when thought. In fact , advances in technology have made it possible to further examine the introduction of the human mind. Researchers include found that part of the frente lobe, referred to as the pre-frontal cortex that may be believed to be the management middle for the body, is certainly not fully designed in teenagers (Sowell ain al., 2001; Cobb, 1998). The article points out that the not enough development with this part of the brain explains some of the behaviors that are displayed by simply teenagers because it is responsible for advanced cognition (“Adolescence, Brain Advancement.., “2004). Advanced cognition lets human beings to prioritize thoughts, visualize, think in the subjective, predict implications, plan, and manage urges (“Adolescence, Human brain Development.., “2004). With this stuff being comprehended the underdevelopment of this portion of the brain can explain for what reason teenagers generally engage in risky behaviors which may have really serious effects (Lewis, 2002).

As it pertains to what can be done to change the behavior of teens, there are many steps that could be taken. A basic step should be to let children know that they may have support devices. These support systems must be present in the property, at school and in the community. These support systems should offer young adults the proper guidance as it relates to how to deal with peer pressure as well as the negative influence of alcohol and drug use. However , it is important to make note of that despite these support systems in position parents and also other adults that interact with teens must be aware and buy them the help they need if their behaviours being viewed are destructive. Overall, it truly is inevitable that a majority of teenagers will have some behavioral issues offered the significance of the physiological and psychological adjustments that they going through.


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