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Excerpt from Analysis Paper:

One day whilst doing some research for one of his college courses inside the library, this individual noticed a piece of literature about human being evolution and it occurred to him to see whether or not they had any information about for what reason white teeth were so important to begin with.

According to evolutionary biologists, human beings, just like other pets, evolved all-natural preferences in sexual variety that trigger us being attracted to each other on the basis of physical features that are indicators of good physical health insurance and genetic material (Margulis Sagan, 2000; Zuk, 2002). More specifically, features such as well-formed white teeth provide aesthetic cues of good health and defenses systems as the production of healthy enameled surface requires good health and satisfactory caloric resources. Therefore , additionally to featuring evidence of good health, white teeth also suggest greater access to meals resources.

During early human being evolutionary intervals, access to foodstuff resources may have been among the principal elements considered simply by females in sexual variety because that they depended on you who fathered their children to get good providers for their kids (Margulis Sagan, 2000; Zuk, 2002). Moreover, in modern times, shiny white teeth (and directly teeth instead of crooked teeth) provide a aesthetic indication of professional achievement and use of financial resources as wealthier men are more likely to be able to afford very good dental care or perhaps cosmetic dentistry while missing the teeth or crooked teeth or perhaps discolored pearly whites might claim that someone is much less financially well off (Ackerman, 1999). Mike realized that white teeth were much more essential than he ever realized.

Identification from the Problem and its Solution

A lot more Mike found understand regarding why great teeth considered so much to women a lot more important it has become to him to find out so why his teeth were so stained and how come neither of the teeth whitening products he tried experienced done anything to change the color of his teeth. Robert decided to mention it next time he saw his dentist. His dental professional took one particular look at his teeth and asked Mike if he had at any time taken tetracycline or another antibiotic for an extended period of time as a child. Mike responded that he had been upon tetracycline for many years in high school graduation and that it turned out prescribed by his dermatologist for pimple. The dentist then described that this is why the over-the-counter teeth whiteners failed to whatever it takes for him. According to his dental professional, tetracycline and certain other antibiotics might cause teeth to change color “intrinsically” which means throughout (Lee, 2009). Over-the-counter tooth whitening numerous only change area of teeth which have been discolored “extrinsically” such as by becoming stained by tobacco smoke or espresso or wine (Lee, 2009).

The dentist explained that, unfortunately, the only way to change colour of Mike’s teeth can be through dental care laser surgery, porcelain veneers, or bonding, all of which had been considerably more high-priced than the treatments available for the teeth discolored just superficially (Lee, 2009). Mike decided not to invest in any of those procedures quickly but in light of what he learned about why healthy-looking teeth produce such a difference socially, this individual decided to want to begin keeping his cash for that very purpose.


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