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F. Jeff Fitzgerald displays that genuine joy will not come from materials objects as well as the deception that wealth provides people happiness in his new, The Great Gatsby. Nick Carraway, the narrator, tells around three characters that are not what they seem to be. A wealthy man, Jay Gatsby, spends his whole life trying to find joy in cash and material things. Daisy and Mary are fake and also careless to learn what accurate reality is. In the novel, items may not be the actual appear since shown by illusion Gatsby lives, Daisy’s attitude, and Tom’s associations.

Gatsby lives a great illusion that his prosperity will bring about satisfaction and friendship. Gatsby has people all around him, going to his parties, yet no one really knows him. Born a poor man and son of the farmer, James Gatz wishes living the “American dream”. Because of this wish, he makes a false Identification, Jay Gatsby, “So he invented only the sort of The author Gatsby that the seventeen year old boy will be likely to invent, and to this conception he was faithful towards the end”(104).

He wastes his existence trying to impress other people with material achievement. Gatsby may be the type of person to do anything to get happiness even if it is the false kind. Jay Gatsby is guy who will own it all and believes Daisy, an image of money and pleasure, is a perfect in shape.

Daisy shows a false personality to others confident they will imagine she is completely happy. When Nick mentions his and Daisy’s hometown, the lady cries ” How stunning! Let’s go back, Tom, another day! ” “You ought to start to see the baby” (14). The way the girl exaggerates every thing and bounces from one controlled by the next exposes her artificial attitude. Nick’s recognizes Daisy and Tom’s faults when he states, “They were reckless people, Jeff and Daisy — they will smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or perhaps their great carelessness or whatever it was that kept all of them together” (188). Like Daisy, Tom just cares about him self. Tom’s interactions demonstrate his careless with feelings.

In Tom’s interactions, he proclaims love yet does not display it. Mary is “a brute of any man”, an aggressive ansto� who acquires love. He won Daisy and Myrtle, his mistress, through funds. Nick details Tom when he says, “It was a body system capable of enormous leverage- a cruel body”(11). When ever Tom destroys Myrtle’s nose for saying his wife’s mention the product and confirms Nick’s statement. His actions tend not to portray activities of love. Jeff shows his want to be in charge. He functions superior to the ladies in his your life. Tom’s human relationships, like the people in the story, are misleading.

It is shown that things are not always what they appear by the imitation personality of Daisy, Tom’s rough human relationships, and how Gatsby lives a lie. People mislead themselves throughout the story in the way that they live.


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