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The Analysis of Pip’s Characteristics Superb Expectations is known as a novel, written by Charles Dickens. Charles Dickens is one of the great novelists in Britain.

Given birth to in a poor family, Dickens gains a fantastic popularity by producing various excellent novels and becomes rich in his life. The storyplot tells the growth means of Pip. Pip, a poor, misleading boy, is suddenly told that they can achieve his great anticipations one day.

From that day on, he alterations a lot at thoughts and behaviors. He’s ashamed of inferior people. Yet , when he understands who makes him abundant and informed, he feels frustrated. After that, he experience a lot and he prospects a new your life. The research of Pip’s chracteristics: 1 . the childhood of Pip Pip lives in a poor friends and family.

His father and mother died if he is a baby. Pip is definitely raised by simply his sister¬¬—Miss Joe Gargery, a harsh and unkind woman. Miss Joe Gargery always gives less food than Pip really demands.

What’s more serious, she frequently beats Pip with a keep. Most people except Joe, will be Pip’s sister—treating him terribly. Joe, a blacksmith and uneducated man, is a good friend of Pip. Joe typically help Pip and cares about Pip very much. Pip expands under the environment.

But he’s still faithful, kind young man. Once, Pip was worried, but still helped a convict and brought him some food. 2 . the adolescence of Pip (1)the period before Pip would go to London Pip is employed by Miss Havisham. Miss Havisham, an old lady with white frizzy hair, always dons the wedding dress which is yellowish with years. She was ripped off by a bad man—Compenson and doesn’t consider true love.

This lady has an implemented girl—Estella, and mades her hurt various other men, which include Pip. After Estella’s leaving for France, Pip turns into Joe’s apprentice and learns to be a blacksmith and understands some wrings which is taught by Biddy. In this procedure, Pip has a desire to learn. He wants to certainly be a gentleman. He thinks that just in that way can he complement Estella. (2)the period when ever Pip is in London One day, Pip is usually told they can go to Birmingham to achieve educations by an unknown man.

Besides, he can receive too much money in the foreseeable future. He feels his wonderful expectations comes true. The folks around him treat him politely, just like Mr. Pumberchook who didn’t like Pip and fawns on Pip. That makes Pip believe that getting rich is good.

When Pip is in London, uk, he usually spends too much money upon luxiries. Rather than being a the case gentleman, he becomes snobbish and considers money is almighty. This individual shows increased adorations towards money. This individual even seems ashame of Joe, mainly because Joy doesn’t read. several. the period following Pip knows the truth Some day, Magwitch, the convict Pip helped in the childhood, risks his existence to meet Pip and explains to Pip that it can be Magwitch in order to Pip turns into what he is now. Pip feels amazed, frustrated and regretted.

He doesn’t observe any expect of his great targets. However , this individual becomes a easier man—a gentleman who is happy to help other folks. He helps Herbert any new business. This individual also helps Magwitch out of trouble, though Magwitch can be caught by the police.

On the whole, Pip becomes adult and kind. He knows what he want and what he shoud do. 5. the causes of Pip’s characteristics (1)Environment affects Pip’s characteristics The nearby people, all their attitudes or behaviors have an effect on Pip. Once everyone is inside the same location, either foolish or ignorant, he can understand nothing is incorrect. Because he never knows that.

Although once this individual meets someone who is better or richer than him, this individual feels embarrassed with himself. 2)Joe’s and Magwitch’s love revives Pip’s kindheartedness Joe usually loves Pip no matter what location Pip is usually. Magwitch uses the money this individual earns nationwide by hard working to produce Pip well-informed, only because Pip helped him long in the past.

So , when Pip realizes love, not really the other activities, is important, he becomes kindhearted. 5. the lesson from Pip The surroundings can affect persons, but it is usually not vital, if you can face up to the problem and trys to change it and resolve it. What matters is that one particular knows what direction to go and what not to do. The near future is within his own hands.

True love can easily revolve like.

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