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As a professional psychologist would you evaluate, observe and examine the mental and behavioral processes of others in an attempt to diagnose the problem, We would have to be equally conversant with most of the distinguished work of previous scholar in the field when it comes to the concept, ideas, observation and diagnosis made (Corey, 2008). I come from a neighborhood that from my own remark has a substantial rate of divorce and children are remarkably affected. For this reason I would like to deal with troubled teens who will be between 13-18 years, so that I can support them in coping with the physical adjustments they are experiencing in their human body and the changes they deal with from their environment.

In respect to Freud, the human subconscious aspect can be divided into three parts, the Id, ego and superego (Henderson Thompson, 2010). The Id attempts to have quick gratification and really should be regulated by the superego which can be nurtured by proper assistance from parents and guardians. Conversely the moment teenagers lack the proper advice from parents as a result of the divorce then the Id supersedes the superego and they are generally likely to be involved with early pregnancies, crimes and juvenile tendencies. This has in return made the teenagers to view their long term as hopeless and they do not wish to be better than what they observe all around them, a state of close to normlessness.

In accordance to Carl Jung, in the theory of analytical mindset he claims that the unconscious part of the human being mind is the most potent one in their decisions and everyday life (Nevid, 2011). Appropriately, dreams aren’t just ambiguous and unintended, but are suggestions, beliefs and feeling that individuals have and possess not easily shared with the conscious self or with others (Henderson Thompson, 2010). In this case, in order to understand an individual it is important to also consider all their dreams. In application, the majority of teenagers receive a dream diary, where they may be expected to take note of their dreams and they may be analyzed to reach understand the unconscious part of the person. Additionally dreams can reveal one’s concerns, hopes, hope and typically convictions.

Being mindful of this, after graduating I strive to partner with a nearby well being facility and gives my providers in dealing with the aforementioned devastation. Teenager are known to be boisterous, uproarious and almost never get anyone to give them a comprehension ear, they are always presumed to be with the rebellious stage and not they may have a problem at home that is making them not to manage to fully adapt to the changes they may be experiencing. Furthermore, young adults require the proper assistance to become dependable adults, like a responsible mature does not simply come quickly, it is a product of planned actions used by all who have are responsible.

In order to be capable of understand the teenager and their psychological challenges, it would be eminent to involve the fogeys and adults. According to Maslow’s structure of needs, in order to be capable to fully understand the emotionally related issues, the basic ones must be solved (Shaffer Kipp, 2010). In this case, father and mother should be told to provide youngsters with the required basic needs as much as possible these include food, shelter and clothes. Then they should offer reliability in terms of security and in conditions of extended life of their marriage (Nevid, 2011). Once the young adults feel safeguarded they can easily be able to connect their emotions and the cognitive challenges may be dealt with appropriately. After this have been established then simply we can easily begin the next level where Piaget’s theory of cognitive expansion will be used to analyze the manners of the teenage in relation to their very own immediate environment.

Piaget asserts that cognitive advancement forms the core of any man development as it allows for understanding of knowledge in terms of internal and external environment (Corey, 2008). The theory is dependent on the fact that children construct an understanding on the planet around them through analyzing the discrepancies that exist between what they are taught simply by teachers and oldsters and what they experience firsthand in their quick environment. In cases like this, the instructors and parents need teaching by simply not only words but by actions in addition to instances high is a collide between the two, they should take the step of explaining to the children why it is. This is to make sure that the children usually do not believe that it is okay to deviate via what has become taught (Nevid, 2011). For instance, if a parent teaches youngsters never to be engaged in physical violence, then the child sees the parent stepping into a fight with someone who desired to steal their very own wallet, then they should clarify that they were just safeguarding themselves and would never mean to harm anyone.

Piaget believed that intellect has a mother nature that is very well adapted to transformational and static areas of life plus the way in which all of us approach these kinds of aspects offers immense effects on the children (Newman Newman, 2012). A great operative aspect can be altered to adjust to transformations and changes in the lives of children. These changes can involve a divorce or splitting up of the parents, a fatality in the family members or even differ from one university to another (Henderson Thompson, 2010). Cognitively kids will increase up understanding how to be able to adjust to changes in all their lives devoid of acting away or sense under too much pressure without the outlet. In addition , children will gain details about to evaluate what matters in their lives and the actual would rather include and the actual would rather transform consequently turning out to be responsible adults.

Behavioral analysis with the teenager also can aid in conditioning them by simply use of equally negative and positive bonuses and stimuli. According to Pavlov’s traditional conditioning theory, conditioning takes time and strategic effort to ensure one to affiliate a habit with a consequent. The use of counterconditioning especially in young adults has had enormous success and is used to aid them via seeking immediate gratification especially once they feel they have been provoked (Henderson Thompson, 2010). Sometimes teenagers, may have differences in opinions particularly with their parents and ought to rebel may lead them into participating in risky sexual and socially aggressive activities. Counterconditioning is meant to state them to behave calmly in many cases and later about communicate their very own feelings soberly without getting to conclusions about their father and mother.

As for my personal your life, I would like to be a parent eventually, have a family group of my own and the Erikson Psychosocial theory would be useful while talking about a family (Sigelman Rider, 2011). The 8-10 stages of development articulated by Erikson span through the time that a person is an infant to retirement years and outline the virtues, the psychosocial turmoil experienced, the significant relationships to be ensured plus the existential question at each each stage (Newman Newman, 2012). It makes it easy for a parent to understand their children and the difficulties that they might be going through. The simple fact that the theory gives equally outcomes when ever different child-rearing styles are applied can be eye beginning for instance in the infant level if the care-giver does not preserve a close accessory to the baby there is guaranteed to be feeling while if the opposite is usually ensured there is bound to be trust in the child (Shaffer Kipp, 2010).

The Erikson psychosocial stages may be used to analyze a new adult and diagnose the core root of a emotional problem that is usually expressed in the form of physical ailments. For instance insomnia, anxiety and panic attacks and lack of the ability to speak can be as the result of psychological issues that have not been solved. When resolved by understanding an individual, they can be in a position to function effectively and fix their human relationships.

With all this understanding in mind, I really do believe that I use enough tools to assist the individuals in my community to a brighter and better future. The information will also be useful when I have my own as well as will help me in dealing with diverse developmental concerns and periods that the children will be under-going. I as well believe that I have a better comprehension of myself since the phases in life that am going through.

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