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The start of the world is described in the big bang theory. It is proved beyond doubt our universe had a beginning and that its source was as being a singularity regarding 13 billion years ago. This singularity was infinitely warm, small and thick. It had undergone a series of changes, which includes growth and cooling down to become the modern day form of whole world. This theory is called the top bang theory. According to this theory the cooling and expansion continues to be continuing.

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There are many evidences as well as arguments supporting this theory as well as other it.

The primary intention of the present conventional paper is to examine these arguments in search of the validity. Great this theory, its faith based interpretations and also the features of the universe in accordance to this theory also will become discussed in this paper. The top bang theory was proposed by man of science and Both roman Catholic priest Georges Lemaitre and his called his theory as speculation of the primeval atom (Hubble, 1929).

The platform for this version was based on the Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. Most of the astronomers today have confidence in this theory mainly because in the red move that was observed in the near by galaxies.

Scientists think that the world is still spending because of the presence of dark energy (Big bang Theory, 2009). There are many features of the universe which support big bang theory. The great quantity of light elements such as hydrogen and helium and less incident of the weighty elements or perhaps heavy metals in galaxy is actually in support of this theory. This is because it can be proved beyond doubt that for such a high temperature that persisted during the time of origin of the universe, the elements of mass numbers more than 5 and their isotopes would have been shaky.

This might possess resulted in the organization of even more light components at that time. Existence of more matter than antimatter is another feature that supports the idea. Even now the scientists are not able to find a cause of this trend. However , many scientists consider the asymmetry in the corrosion of some mesons while the reason for this phenomenon. One more feature from the universe is the fact it is composed of a number of galaxies and these are separated by cosmic voids.

Arsenic intoxication a the radiation in all directions quite even or perhaps uniform throughout is another factor that supports the theory which in turn explains the foundation of world from a fire ball ( Big boom theory, 2009) One of the debate against big bang theory is that galaxy had their origin because an exploding market. However in respect to specialists it is better to assume universe like a balloon with an infinitely small size and consistently increasing it is size so as to reach the present size. It would be difficult to imagine the universe as being a balloon bursting and tossing off the contents.

One other argument against this theory is the fact it whole world e began as a ball of fire in space. But according to the Einstein’s theory of relativity there could not be anything, space or time or perhaps matter or perhaps energy prior to origin of universe. As a result this disagreement also has been turned out to be baseless (Big Bang Theory ” An understanding, 2009). There are many arguments or perhaps evidences that support this kind of theory. A lot of people believe that universe had an source. Edwin Hubble discovered that galaxies are moving away from us at speeds, which are immediately proportional to the distance coming from us.

This gives evidence intended for the expansion of the world, which was actually very small. The discovery of Cosmic Microwave Background The radiation (CMB) simply by Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson in 1965 provided proof that world was initially super hot since it is explained based on the big hammer theory. Another important evidence is the profusion of hydrogen and helium in the observable universe. This also supports the best bang origins of universe. According to the latest research simply by NASA and ESA, the universe acquired its origin from the remains of a galaxy, which been with us previously.

This is certainly called cycle quantum gravity theory (Zyga, 2008). This theory as well supports the foundation of the present universe like a singularity such as big beat theory. Nonetheless the quarrels regarding the versions to explain the origin of universe is continuing between great scientists. Nevertheless one thing that has to be appreciated is that whatever might be the arguments, right now there would regularly be a philosophical criterion involved and therefore these arguments are never going to end (Gibbs, 1995). Therefore provided that no one is certain about something that happened during those times, the disputes would continue.

An important factor that should be considered inside the big hammer theory is its faith based interpretations. Beginning of Universe is a place where technology and theology places reverse views. According to Islam, Allah is a creator and Evolver of every thing in this universe. Certainly the development of the universe to the present stage can be something that can be super all-natural and therefore there may be nothing incorrect in thinking that there is an excellent natural force behind each one of these evolution and this supernatural force is Our god. The theologians as well as majority of people assume that it is not conceivable to develop something coming from nothingness.

Estes (2009) provides put it within a different way. According to him this kind of explanation of origin of universe is really as absurd as believing that after there was an explosion within a place all of the metal pieces joined in mid-air to form a car. He even more explains which it cannot be presumed that the various areas of the most ancient computer one day exploded after which joined to form the most advanced computer system now. This kind of development occurred as a result of lengthy years of study by individuals. In the same way the development of universe to the present form, necessary the cleverness of someone who is super natural and that is Our god himself.

Whenever we look at the superstars, sun, celestial satellite and the galaxy as a whole, we see that they are every moving with accurate rate and timings in such a way that they cannot collide the other person. The earth is having the exact requirements for living of person on it. Every one of the requirements of the man will be met through the other microorganisms as well as physical and substance properties with the earth. It is quite difficult to clarify all these details based on big bang theory (Estes, 2009). There is one other school of thought in the Islam itself in support of the big bang theory (Huda, 2009).

The idea of singularity is present inside the Quran likewise, where you are able to that nirvana and the planet existed being a single product originally. According to the big beat theory, the elements, which in turn constituted the universe, experienced come together, cooled down and finally created into the present shape. This is just what exactly explained in Quran, the only difference is that it had been Allah who have gave directions to these factors to respond in the way completely behaved. ‘Come together, willingly or unwillingly. ‘ Someone said: ‘We come (together) in willing obedience’ (41: 11). The concept that Universe is usually expanding is likewise there in Quran.

“The heavens, We now have built associated with power. And verily, Were expanding it (51: 47). The fact the fact that universe is definitely continuing to get broadened has been uncovered only lately and it had been the answer to the long debates by Muslim scholars on the exact which means of this passage in the Quran. An argument in Islam resistant to the big hammer theory is that in Quran it is drafted that the creation of the universe was completed in six times. But in Quran itself it really is written that a person day of Allah could be 50, 000 years for man. In another place it is definitely written as 1000 years.

Thus the morning could be viewed as an era having a fixed length of time. And six days could be six this kind of eras, the size of which no body is aware of. Thus in this way also Quran is not contradicting the best band theory, which suggests the fact that origin was 13 billion dollars years ago, and since then the creation of different microorganisms as well as the shape of the world were progressive (Huda, 2009). Another feature where Quran supports big band theory is that the technique of evolution and also the creation as Islam requires it, will certainly not be ending. It really is clearly stated in Quran that Allah is continuous his creation.

This is what we come across everyday, being a new child or being a new plant which is quite not the same as both father and mother (Huda, 2009). Considering each one of these facts the Muslims with the modern world believe that big bang theory is genuine and that the whole world is ever changing. The only big difference is that they believe that all these will be happening according to the command of Allah which everything that occurs in the world reveals the super normal power and majesty of Allah. It is known that the masterpieces are to be looked at upon, since tremendous benefits of Allah fantastic name should be glorified.

Hence it could be viewed that the Big Bang theory of the source of Whole world is the most broadly accepted theory of cosmic origin. It can be based on the Einstein’s theory of relativity. There are several features that the world exhibits which usually supports this theory. Most of the arguments against this theory by simply different experts have already proved to be baseless. A lot more discoveries have been completely made in the last and present century, which supports this theory. About the religious presentation of this theory, in Islam, the origin of universe and earth and everything into it is described in the same manner since the big beat theory.

Only difference is that, in Quran it is told have happened as per the command word of Goodness. It is quite logical to believe there is a super natural power that can be regulating all these happenings in the manner it is going on so that we’re able to exist happily and peacefully on this globe. References Big Bang Theory ” An Overview (2009). [online] Available at: http://www. big-bang-theory. com/default. htm (accessed on 11th June 2009) Big Beat Theory (2009). [online] Offered at: http://www. answers. com/topic/big-bang-theory (accessed on eleventh June 2009) Estes, Sumado a.. (2009). Big bang. [online] Available at: http://scienceislam.

com/bigbang. php (accessed on 11th June 2009) Gibbs, W. Watts. (1995). Scientific American, August 1995, 273: 55. Hubble, E. (1929). “A Relationship Between Range and Radial Velocity Among Extra-Galactic Nebulae. Proceedings of the National Senior high of Savoir 15: 168″173. Huda (2009). Creation with the Universe Half a dozen “Days or perhaps Long Periods of Time [online] Available at: http://islam. about. com/od/creation/a/creation. htm (accessed on eleventh June 2009) Zyga, M. (2008). Ahead of the Big Boom: A Double Universe? [online] Available at: http://www. physorg. com/news126955971. html (accessed on eleventh June 2009)

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