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I Know How come The Caged Bird Sings

In I understand Why the Caged Parrot Sings, Internet Angelou uses the configurations and people of her child years to illustrate the development of her moral and social outlook on life. During this time in her lifestyle, she is transferred from place to place and from relatives to friends and family. It is this exposure to various ways of existence that help Maya decide what kind of person she is going to be.

Religion is a major part of Maya’s development in Rubber stamps. Reverend Thomas, the presiding elder in the district that Momma’s church is in, comes to visit Plastic stamps every three months. When he concerns town Momma always sets him up for the night and feeds him. Even though the relatives does not care for him very much, Momma is still obliged to achieve this. It is her Christian responsibility, so Momma never queries fulfilling this obligation.

Momma is considered the most direct way to obtain Maya’s spiritual upbringing. The girl with the owner of divine law for the Henderson family. When she witnesses a spiritual infraction, her punishment is usually swift and thorough. These punishments are generally not dealt away of revenge, but away of concern intended for Maya’s eternal soul. Momma’s lessons are made to keep Cyber on the slim road for the afterlife, the only true way for the black man to overcome his oppression. Momma teaches with her activities, as well as her punishments. When Momma refuses to show almost any reaction to the powhitetrash women she instructs Maya a significant lesson about strength, through her stoic refusal to become upset simply by these young ladies. Maya sees that “Whatever the contest have been out front, I knew Momma had won. ” (Angelou 33. )

During her time in Stamps, Cyber learns with the harsh actuality of racial inequality, and from an early age, through most of the publication, Maya uses the illustrations and lessons taught to her there. Rubber stamps consists of two separate parts of town, the black and white-colored communities. Those two communities created through the strict segregation that is found most throughout the To the south, not just in Arkansas. “In Stamps the segregation was so total that most Dark children don’t really completely know what whites looked like” (25). Through this segregation Maya understands many of the ethnic standards which exist and must be followed in the South, through the depression.

Uncle Willie teaches Internet the perils of breaking social customs. Unlike Momma, this individual only punishes the children whenever they break a social taboo. The best sort of this is when Dad Willie whips them pertaining to laughing in church. This kind of infraction was severe enough that Dad Willie believed he should do the punishing. Uncle Willie teaches his lessons consist of ways, sometimes without even learning it. Having been crippled since a child, but this individual has never allow that harm his satisfaction. When teachers from Small Rock remain in at the shop, he stands without his cane and talks to all of them. This reveals Maya that even the most severe adversity could be overcome, if perhaps for an afternoon.

After Maya ways to St . John with her mother and Mr. Freeman, her single mother’s boyfriend, Mr. Freeman molests and rapes her. When he molests her she would not know what was happening and she thought he was being kind with her. Later, Mr. Freeman rapes her, and he explains to her never to tell or he will destroy Bailey. Once Maya needs to testify for trial, the girl relates that she “couldn’t say yes and explain how he previously loved myself once for a couple of minutes and exactly how he had organised me close” (85). Internet fells that she has been bad which leads her to make a meaning decision, to lie within the stand as well as to dishonor her family. Internet decides that her family’s honor comes before integrity. This also leads to her decision to quit talking, rather than having to continue lying about the rape. Her unwillingness to eventually causes her shipping back to Illinois.

Following Maya comes back to Rubber stamps, Mrs. Bouquets teaches her lessons of the more personal nature. Her lessons do not involve religion or world, but they are just as important to Maya’s growth. Mrs. Flowers may be the first adult to treat Maya as more a child. The girl teaches Maya to overcome her injury and speak again, through making Maya recite poetry. This helps develop Maya’s take pleasure in for the written word and encourages a new take pleasure in for the spoken expression. It also teaches Maya that being black doesn’t mean that she may not be educated and that she “must always be intolerant of lack of knowledge but understanding of illiteracy. inches (99).

The lessons Internet is educated by the connections of the black and white areas skew her views of race. When ever she 1st enters Whitefolksville, it’s as if whites certainly are a different kinds to her, like they are aliens and not another race. This idea is definitely enforced once she would go to work for Mrs. Cullinan. Mrs. Cullinan has many extravagant issues that Internet would never manage to own. Among these are items Maya hardly ever even knew existed, such as a fork specifically for salad. “Soup spoons, gravy boat, butter knives, salad forks, and carving plate were inclusions in my terminology and in reality almost displayed a new language” (106). Her employment contributes to her 1st minor success over light society. When Mrs. Cullinan refuses to use Maya’s actual name, and in turn insists upon calling her Mary, Internet breaks a few of her great china. That action gets her fired, but as well makes Mrs. Cullinan phone her by her real name.

While Internet lives with her mother in Bay area, she determines to get a work as a trolley car conductor. There got never recently been a black woman caudillo, of a cart car, in San Francisco. When she goes to apply, the secretary places her off and unwillingly tells Cyber the employees manager’s identity. It was not Maya’s determination to succeed a success for black people, although at that moment Maya decides “I WOULD HAVE THE JOB. I WOULD BECOME A CONDUCTORETTE AND SLING A COMPLETE MONEY ENFERMER FROM MY OWN BELT. I WOULD PERSONALLY. ” (268). This event shows that Maya has decided to no longer be held back by her color. She has stood up and can not be placed back down by simply any one.

Maya uses her fresh feelings of independence to fulfill her need to find out about sexual intercourse. When Internet becomes pregnant, she encounters the greatest problem to her moral code. She says, “the tiny pleasure I used to be able to take from the fact that if I would have a baby I actually obviously was not a saphic girls was populated into my mind’s tiniest corner by the massive driving in of fear, sense of guilt and self-revulsion” (284). Momma’s lessons regarding religion and Uncle Willie’s lessons regarding proper conduct have been in vain, Maya is currently a single pregnant black woman. Maya need to overcome this kind of guilt in being a single mother and possess the strength to cover the pregnant state. The pregnancy must be hidden from her mother to ensure that Maya may finish university and her mother will never make her drop out. After her son is born the girl must also develop the valor to raise him and realize that she is never going to hurt him. She discovers through his birth there is a price to pay for independence and often it is a high price to spend.

The stories Internet tells through this book demonstrate how that most her lifestyle experiences helped to shape her ethical compass, and from them someone gains a comprehension of how come Maya Angelou is whom she is. To describe the strength, spiritualism, independence, and pride that she has obtained from the persons she has well-known Maya implies that Momma gave her God, Uncle Willie gave her the skills to live as a dark-colored person, and her mom gave her the freedom to assert her freedom. Everyone whom reads this book should come away with an idea of what helped give Internet the travel to become this kind of accomplished person.

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