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Hundred Years of Isolation

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In the impressive novel 100 Years of Solitude, Gabriel Garcia Marquez produces about the Buendia category of mythical Macondo. Throughout the years, the Buendias are affected with incestuous relationships, at the conclusion, they only succeed in isolating themselves from society and weaving not naturally made bonds made by incest. The incestuous relationships inside the novel permit the characters to recreate themselves, sinking the family further into remoteness. Thus, A hundred Years of Isolation is not only a book regarding incest. Rather, incest is utilized both as a catalyst intended for, and as a method to explore, the novels topics of memory space and forgetfulness, circular time, and physical violence.

Incest is a key theme of the novel from its beginning, when Macondo can be founded. When Ursula marries her comparable Jose Arcadio, she refuses to consummate wedding ceremony, afraid of giving birth to an infant having a pig end. When Prudencio Aguilar says that Jose Arcadio struggles to make his wife pregnant, Jose Arcadio murders him, only to become chased by his ghost, the running couple form the town of Macondo. Even though Jose Arcadio and Ursula are able to escape the fate of giving birth to a baby which has a pig end, Ursula continues to remember the threats due to incest, often reminding her family not really commit this kind of sin. The girl remains the moral compass for her friends and family until her death, and it is the only one who remembers yesteryear as higher than a series of nostalgic recollections. Yet her power and impact are limited. She simply cannot stop her son Jose Arcadio from becoming a gypsy or a men prostitute, nor can the girl dissuade her grandson Arcadio from becoming Macondos most despotic leader or the Colonel from performing a man who also deserved clemency. Powerless to stem the losses and tragedies that beset the family, she cannot help them avoid the fate set on their behalf at the time of Macondos founding.

The incestuous relationships inside the novel especially highlight personality traits and emphasize the repetitiveness of character activities. Incest forges important backlinks between the heroes of present and previous generations, further more alienating these people from culture. For example , Auareliano and his cousin Amaranta have a sexual marriage, halted just by Amarantas conscience. Two generations after, Aureliano and Amaranta Ursula-different individuals, yet sharing the same names and a lot of character traits-have a child with each other. Locked within a fierce enthusiasm, they ignore the outside community as this town of Macondo withers away.

The theme of memory loss, as well as being grounded in incest, is also associated with the notion of circular time. By negelecting their earlier, the Buendias repeat their ancestors faults and are struggling to move forward with time. For example , once Arcadio results after learning to be a gypsy, he neglects the truth that he’s related to Rebecca and déconfit her. Mainly because no one connects the present towards the past, the family enables this to occur. One significant metaphor with this inability is the turning wheel. As Marquez writes

There is no secret in the heart of a Buendia that was impenetrable intended for [Pilar Ternera] because a 100 years of cards and experience had taught her that the history of the family was obviously a machine with unavoidable repetitions, a turning wheel that could have gone about spilling into eternity had been it not to get the progressive and irremediable wearing from the axel (Marquez 402).

The steering wheel, representing circular time and repeating, spins through the novel. Yet, as Marquez writes, the first of the line is associated with a shrub and the last is being ingested by the ants ( Marquez 445). Hence, the fibers the steering wheel is weaving cloth to link the Buendia family jointly is sensitive. The reader is aware that it is just a matter of your time before it will be snapped.

Not only does the familys incest lead to the repetition of characters and the actions, however , but to assault, the conclusion of the Buendias ignorance and passion. Their ignorance allows those to commit incest because they have forgotten just how closely related they are, and today, this leaves them available to instability and violence. For instance , Aureliano isolates himself, deciphering the historical text of Melquiades, as well that his son, the past of the Buendia line, endures the chaotic fate written for him since the starting of Macondo. Aureliano (III) must undergo this fate because of the activities of his predecessors. They will forget their particular origins , nor realize how closely they may be related. Their particular fate is definitely written in Melquiadess publication, and they abide by it easily. As a result, incest demonstrates to be the important mistake in the novel and is also ultimately the downfall with the Buendia family.

By charting the way of the Buendia family, Marquez writes regarding the trip of individuals. He does not give a meaning commentary upon incest, but instead a warning to remember yesteryear to prepare for future years. The town as well as the family happen to be fated to die since they do not include what is necessary to continue. Their commitment to solitude, illusion, and desire doomed them, their lineage is unfit to continue because they do not know who they are or where they will came from. Hence, the new represents more than Buendia family. It is a metaphor for a persons race.

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