The Lemon Tree Dilemma Essay

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I use completed an entire investigation of your organization, The Lemon Tree, regarding issues that have arisen which have caused dissonance with all the equal career opportunity laws. To begin with, there are specific situations that have been correctly documented that contain clearly broken the Title VII laws with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. A pair of your managers from different departments of your corporation have got infringed upon certain rights of the Name VII Detrimental Rights Take action.

To begin with, a great infringement with the harassment plan under Name VII was violated by the heads of two specific research departments. Firstly, it has been noted that the manager, Paul Peel, acquired harassed automobile, Peter Monster, regarding the concern of medication use. During my investigation, I had developed come to understand that Mister. Peter Monster did have got past situations of drug use that your company got discovered via drug assessment.

However , I have also had taken into consideration that he had passed the majority of the drug tests and those in which this individual failed on were because of traces of varied chemicals that Mr. Monster was confronted with during his daily work tasks. Moreover, I have as well considered the reality your company got financially paid Mr. Monster to spend amount of time in a medicine rehabilitation centre to get rid of him of his medicine addiction.

Furthermore, the doctor responsible for Mr. Monster at the treatment center acquired advised that he had recently been fully remedied from his addiction.

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