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Imagine that several men are placed in a life or loss of life situation. They are really stranded within a boat in the middle of the marine with not eat pertaining to nourishment. In a severely fragile state, the men decide that for the benefit of the majority they will draw plenty and take in whoever attracts the shortest; one of the men refuses to attract. The next day, inspite of the lotto, the most youthful boy can be killed and fed upon by the various other men.

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The argument suggested to rationalize their actions is that the young boy, sick from malnourishment and via drinking seawater, would have perished anyway.

Also, were it not for the cabin boy’s body, the other three men may not have survived. The theory of electricity is called into question with this particular case since it is used to rationalize the eliminating of the fresh boy. In respect to utilitarian reasoning, the advantage of saving 3 peoples lives outweighs the cost of the loss of a single life.

Utilitarianism is actually a theory of justice whose highest principle is to improve happiness and utility: “The basic idea of utilitarianism is straightforward: the right activity is what generates the most good (Mill, 15).

The “most good could be understood when it comes to happiness, or the greater volume of pleasure than of soreness. Therefore , utilitarians measure the consequences of actions by simply how much the benefits bring pleasure to the best amount of individuals. The best substitute for any situation is the one that generates the greatest net utility. In respect to Ruben Stuart Mill, “Utility or maybe the “greatest happiness principle keeps that actions are correct in proportion as they tend to encourage happiness; incorrect as they usually produce the reverse of happiness (16). Therefore , what ever produces one of the most good is regarded as just.

The utilitarian perspective supports` the killing of the young son by the three men since the “good contained in the survival of the 3 men is definitely greater than having all of the males die via starvation. Especially when taking into consideration the fact that the loss of life of the three men in opposition to one fresh boy could potentially affect more people. Rights, therefore , will depend on utility and the greater good: “The important features of proper rights on the utilitarian scheme happen to be these:

It acknowledges the existence of individual privileges which are to become supported by society (21). Mills notes the protection of rights, although also advises how rights in terms of these types of individual rights can be overridden with inequality when it encourages a greater great. The problem with this functional justification is that the worth and value of the young kid’s life is becoming determined. Becoming rescued just a few days following your incident, there is not any definite method of knowing that the young young man couldn’t possess survived. Likewise, the question of justice can be addressed with this situation since the boy was killed devoid of his preceding permission and consent.

His individual legal rights were terminated and overshadowed, while the delight of the majority of the men was taken into account. In this case, the accepted standard of justice with regards to individual rights and liberties are broken: “This utilitarianism appears to need that I break a promise or even injury someone any time more “good could be accomplished by doing so (22). This kind of idea of loss for some pertaining to the immediate benefit or perhaps profit more possesses the strength to contradict accepted and common moral standards and intuitions held within world.


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