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One of the most powerful messages from the Quran regarding building is that God is a only Creator, the rest of His creation unable to compete His supremacy, proficiency and creativity. For a creation to create such as the God really does, that would mean an variance in the existential hierarchy of designations and grades, which can be inconceivable.

As the Creator are unable to become creation, in the same way a creation cannot become a founder. Five beautiful names and attributes of God the Founder are al-Khaliq (the Creator), al-Bari (the Maker), al-Musawwir (the Fashioner), al-Fatir (the Bringer in Existence) and al-Badi (the Originator). Five diverse expression are given for the composite act as well as means of creation in order to illustrate towards the potential aspirants to the rank, especially coming from among human beings, that the real authority belongs to God exclusively, and that just about every act as well as characteristic of creation, irrespective of the size and significance, was dealt with straight by God and thus, by means of both it is presence and performance, attests to the presence, expert and closeness of their Creator.

The name al-Khaliq appears 8-10 times inside the Quran having its derivatives alKhallaq and Ahsan al-Khaliqin (the Best of Creators) appear two times each, alBari three times, al-Musawwir once, al-Fatir six occasions and al-Badi twice. The basis words of such beautiful titles and attributes are also widely used in different action-word forms with respect to God the Creator. Besides this, there are lots of other conditions in the Quran, both adjective and action-word forms, which in turn also signify the fantastic divine work of creating and creation and are used in accordance with God the Creator, such as the verb dharaa (to make and multiply) is used at present and past tight six moments, badaa (to begin or originate the creation) is employed eleven moments both in present and previous tense as well, the noun sun (the work or perhaps artistry) used once as well as the verb istanaa (to develop and prepare) also used once and which is a type of the previous, and the action-word atqana (to perfect) used once in the past tense. These three names al-Khaliq (the Creator), al-Bari (the Maker) and al-Musawwir (the Fashioner) happen to be mentioned together, one after another, in Surah (Chapter) alHashr, sentirse 24:

He can Allah, the Creator, the Maker, the Fashioner, to Him belong the best brands. Whatever with the heavens and earth is usually promoting Him. And He is the Glorious in Might, the Wise (al-Hashr, 24).

When these three labels are mentioned at once, each of them conveys a particular meaning. Jointly, they signify the complete action of creation from determining and determining what as well as how to create, into a decided point or a subject to receive a specific form.

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