The narrator s journey to god in the seafarer

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The Seafarer

Through the poem “The Seafarer” a sailor goes thru a quest off in sea and discovers just how his life’s journey throughout the dangerous sea is a component that could take him closer to God. The narrator depicts an overall message: in order to get to heaven youll have to go throughout the dangerous quest of your life and neglect all of your life pleasures, this can be seen through imagery and symbolism of spring and winter to aid us think, hear, to see how this individual feels.

In the middle of the narrators quest he projects off onto the area and found out people having wine and enjoying its pleasures. He sees the way the people of the property are lucky and spoiled, experiencing not any hardships equal to his, saying “the love of cities, swelled proud with wine beverage and no flavor of bad luck. ” (Raffel 31-32). The narrator utilized imagery to demonstrate the beauty this individual experienced: the beginning of spring as “orchards flower, the villages bloom, domains grow lovely as the earth spring fresh”(48-49). For the seafarer this website represents a rebirth of a better lifestyle with significantly less misery. Though, he knows how your life on property is filled with delights that could generate his lifestyle better, this individual also realizes the terrain is filled with bad thing that attracts man away from God as well as the hope of heaven. Learning this the narrator makes a decision to go back and continue his journey around the sea believing that it is his fate of his “soul [that] known as [him] desperately out, [and] sent [him] over the horizon” (36-38) to conquer the hardships that he is going through in order to have a closer relationship God and enter his true house of heaven.

At first of “The Seafarer” the narrator talks of his dangerous voyage out in sea. This individual talks about the wintertime as if the a chaotic and strong force. The narrator uses imagery in the cold frosty weather to symbolize how this individual feels caught in this world, like he is a prisoner declaring, “being in icy artists, bound with frost, with frozen chains, and hardship groaned. inches ( 9-10). He is likewise expressing just how he feels physically frosty symbolizing that he is living in this world of life bating loneliness and depression without one to like speaking about how he is inch on an ice-cold sea, whirled in sadness, alone within a world broken clear of like, hung with icicles. inches (15-17). He uses image imagery provoking the impression of sight, saying that he was “hung with icicles” (17) and that “hailstorms flew” (17) showing just how he is not simply physically chilly, which is severe, but metaphorically cold under-going troubles of life that could ultimately deliver him nearer to God.

Overall the seafarer learns that staying out on the hazardous ocean aided him through his experiences of hardship to be able to lead him down the right path to The almighty and nirvana. Through his journey this individual endures enticement with the starting of planting season along with the people today belonging to the land discovering the comfort of wine and having no wrong doings, however , this individual ventured in the right direction and continued to follow Our god.

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