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Sometimes, ignoring reality is less difficult than facing it. When ever traumatizing situations occur, repression is a common dealing mechanism used to deal with a person’s feelings and thoughts. As an unknown person once explained, however , “When something bad happens you have three options. You can allow it define you, let it destroy you, or you can let that strengthen you. ” Inside the novel Speak, written by Laurie Halse Anderson, Melinda Sordino experiences this lesson firsthand. In the account, Melinda is outwardly peaceful ” on the inside, however , she actually is everything but silent. Since the new progresses, Melinda gradually discovers to the two accept herszelf and clear to other folks. Throughout the new, Anderson’s advancement Melinda’s persona shows the reader how someones negative experience do not have to establish them.

When Melinda first identifies how she came to be a social outcast, she would not attempt justify her personal actions. Your woman explains which the reason she’s treated and so cruelly simply by her peers is that your woman called law enforcement while at a celebration and shattered it up. Rather than trying to elaborate on her reasons for this or clarify her point of view, Melinda generally seems to avoid further explanation. Due to how hazy she is, it really is easy for the reader to suspect that something happened to Melinda from the beginning of the novel. When Melinda represses it to get much of the story, however , her true cause of calling the authorities is the one that even the lady does not want to accept. Later in the novel, Melinda reveals that she was raped at the party, which will explains her ambiguity when ever addressing the topic. Ever since the party, this wounderful woman has been in refusal, refusing to acknowledge so what happened to herself and other persons. When her old friend, Rachel, begins dating the person who raped her, Melinda realizes the girl needs to acknowledge that the lady was raped to her to be able to help Rachel avoid coming in contact with the same attack. When states to Rachel, “I don’t call the cops to break up the get together. I referred to as them mainly because some dude raped me, ” the girl finally acknowledges what happened to her, which signifies a major creation in her character (183).

At the beginning of the new, and throughout the majority of that, Melinda convinces herself that her very own feelings and thoughts will be irrelevant. She gets as though no person cares about what she has to talk about, and that her words are only a burden about others. Because she begins to realize that others do treatment, and even feel the same as the lady does, your woman stops invalidating her personal feelings. Near the beginning of the tale, Melissa cautions people to steer clear of her rapist by composing a caution against him on a bathroom stall. Melissa later revisits the stall that she wrote in, where she’s surprised to find out that other people backed her. The girl discovers that many other ladies wrote terms such as “He’s a slide. He needs to be locked up. Call the cops. inch This event indicates a major level for Melissa, as it is as soon as that the girl realizes the girl with not alone in her thoughts and opinions (185).

As the reader can tell from the moment Melinda’s personality appears, the girl with not an amazing or friendly person. The girl keeps to herself, scarcely saying anything to others, even when spoken to first. Mostly, her actions are an result of her assault, and the trauma she faces equally during along with it. Because of her rape, Melinda thinks that what she has to state is not worth vocalizing. However , following she understands that her thoughts and feelings happen to be valid, and this her sexual assault and trauma are generally not insignificant, she gradually turns into more confident in her individual words. At the end of the new, one of the skill teachers acknowledges that Melinda has been by using a lot. Melinda then understands that her hesitation regarding speaking is gone, and says to him, “Let myself tell you about it” (198).

Throughout Speak, Melinda undergoes experiences that mold her as a person and help her accept and learn to cope with her rape. Instead of letting it specify her and ruin her life, Melinda overcomes her fear. She learns that her terms and activities hold power, and that speaking up can help both herself and others. Although Melinda is within denial during much of the book, she afterwards learns that lying to herself about the attack she encountered is more serious than recognizing it and this speaking her mind is a critical help overcoming her trauma. To go to to others, the lady frees himself from the remoteness she once resigned their self to. In the end, Melinda knows that what happened to her before does not define her benefit or identity as a person, and that life goes on. The lady just has to take the first step on the path to recovery.

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