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Vengeance is the determining theme in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter. Is it doesn’t driving force behind the actions of the key antagonist Roger Chillingworth. In the novel his obsession to get revenge can be considered an unrestrainable desire that consumes the smoothness. Chillingworth informed his wife, Hester Prynne, that he’d find the adulterer and also have him punished. He wanted Hester’s spouse to undergo the same humiliation she had to endure. Chillingworth wanted him to stand on the scaffold for three hours, wearing a letter “A and become an outcast of the community.

He seen the enduring of his wife and wanted precisely the same for the man. He as well made it crystal clear to his wife that he will require revenge on her or her newborn child. His revenge and hate was preserved solely pertaining to the man that defiled his wife.

When Hester refuses to reveal the name of Pearl’s dad Chillingworth guarantees to “destroy that man’s soul.

 Roger Chillingworth uses his profession since the town doctor to discover the identification of Hester’s lover. He can called upon to attend the very sick and tired Reverend Dimmesdale. Chillingworth understands that Dimmesdale’s ailments are a direct response to his inner guilt and correctly deduces that dr. murphy is the man who have impregnated his wife. When ever Chillingworth makes this discovery anything inside of him changes. This individual evolves by an furious spiteful person into a madman. He turns into obsessed with torturing Dimmesdale. Instead of treating his patient in an attempt to heal him, he inflicts more remorse and enduring. Chillingworth becomes good friends with Dimmesdale and moves into his house so they can remain close and torment him. Chillingworth causes agony by talking about secrets, and the power, which will increases the painful guilt this individual has pertaining to his personal sin.

This individual makes it his sole purpose to anguish Reverend Dimmesdale “Not the less, this individual shall be acquire.  (Hawthorne 78) The physical effects of revenge set out to change Chillingworth as well, his deformed shoulder blades become even more deformed, his face age ranges, and his lines and wrinkles deepen. Payback finally damages Chillingworth when Dimmesdale determines to keep for The european countries with Hester and Pearl. Chillingworth frantically tries to convince him to stay by proclaiming that departing withHester could taint his honor.

Once this plan fails this individual buys passageway on the send so he could stay close and continue his persecution. Dimmesdale, finally consumed by his guilt, déclaration his great sin ahead of the community and after that suddenly passes away of heart failure. Chillingworth had spent the last few years of his your life obsessed with torturing Reverend Dimmesdale. As a result Chillingworth loses his reason for living and dead one year later. Chillingworth is known as a prime example of how vengeance can completely consume a person’s mind and body. Rather than feeling pleasure from Dimmesdale’s suffering and death, he can filled with anxiety and a desolate heart and soul. In the end revenge killed 1 man and destroyed the other.

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