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Like all Philippine stories, there’s multiple story that attempt to capture the substance of the majesty that is Install Mayon. Mayon is derived from “Magayon”, which means amazing in Bicolano. There’s the storyline of two lovers not unlike Romeo and Juliet, as advised by Laura Agpay, a native of Bicol: Once there was a princess named Daragang Magayon (Daraga means girl, Magayon can be beautiful) whom lived in Bicol. She’s therefore beautiful. The girl came from the family that reigns in the entire Bicol.

Due to her magnificence and impact, warriors, princes and datus from various areas of the country desired to have her as their better half. But Magayon fell in love having a warrior known as Handiong, a prince who also came from a tribe that was, regrettably, the rival of Magayon’s tribe. The two suffered a lot from their respective family’s attempts to separate these people that they finally decided to run away. Unfortunately their families found out and fought a bloody tribal war.

This kind of caused the young couple so much discomfort they made a decision together to commit committing suicide. The tribes buried the lovers individually. Months handed when Magayon’s tribe saw a volcano gaining the place where Magayon was smothered. They called it pertaining to Daragang Magayon. “Bulkang Magayon” describing the perfect shape like all their beautiful Daraga. And then discover the story associated with an uncle Magayon*, whose anger depicts just how violent the mountain could become. It seems that there once were living a very fabulous native queen who had an uncle known as Magayon.

Having been so possessive of his niece that no gentleman dared to challenge his wrath simply by courting the favors in the young first. One day, nevertheless , a daring and robusto warrior was so smitten by the princess that he threw all cares towards the wind, clambered up through the window with the royal holding chamber and enticed the girl to elope with him. With Magayon in their pumps, the few prayed to the gods pertaining to assistance. All of a sudden from out of nowhere, a landslide buried the raging granddad alive.

Local folks at this point claim that it can be Magayon’s anger bursting forth in the form of breakouts. I heard still another account that tells of Daragang Magayon’s lover becoming killed simply by her friends and family that your woman fled from in anger. The next day, a beautiful but furious mountain grew where Magayon was last seen. Various people have no idea of that the star of Mayon Volcano is actually a Romeo and Juliet account. We Filipinos are this kind of incurable romantics, aren’t we? It just attacks me since kind of typical for a Filipino legend to offer the love history element in this.

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