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The Swimmer simply by S. J. Butler

Fear is a feeling we all have got. You can be scared of spiders, height or maybe even some thing as common as normal water. Every man mind differs from the others, and we all have our personal fear and struggles. The short account “The Swimmer (2011), authored by S. T. Butler, can be described as story in regards to a girls fear of life and her hard work to conquer it. The theme of fear in the history is indicated by the key characters expansion.

Even the littlest decision, can alter you for the remainder of your life. The story takes place in the middle of the nature, with a big water with many forest around it. The weather is very warm and everything is incredibly peaceful. The main character is a lot like the nature awesome and peaceful. In the lake the placing is the opposite of the surroundings, it can be gloriously fresh and “the water is usually opaque, swirling with small particles, a messy muddy green from the soil it carries (p.

a few ll. 48-49). The main character has a a sense of wanting to make an effort something new, anything refreshing and different just like the riv. The difference between the river and its surroundings contains a crucial significance for the key characters advancement.

The main personality of the story is a lady with a day to day routine, consisting of doing work and looking at the nature outside of her offices window. The girl wants to decrease and require a swim in the river, yet her dread holds her back. The worry of being found and what she may finds inside the river. The narrator clarifies that “every day the girl looks away at the riv, and allongé to swim in it (p. a couple of ll. 7-8). Even though the lady tries to convince herself to visit swimming by simply reminding their self that “Its a normal, all-natural act (p. 2 l. 19), it has not halted her by regretting, and going back to work again. The fear of not knowing where she may be swept to, and not staying strong enough, signifies the main figure as person. She doubts her own strength, with a physical way but also her personal strength, by not having the ability to carry out what she would like. She determines to join the water and all sorts of a sudden, her fear of what might occur to her is fully gone and “encouraged, she chooses to go swimming upstream as much as the link behind the house (p. 3 d. 60). The woman undergoes a development as she adjustments from being afraid to get more confident about herself. The swan your woman meets signifies the main persona.

The swan looks peaceful and still “although, that underneath the surface it should surely be paddling(p. 4 l. 2) just as the girl, who have looks typical on the outside, she has a lot to have a problem with on the inside. She’s confronted with the swan and “theres no place for her to cover.  (p. 4 t. 86) The lady now copes with her fear, as well as the stronger the girl gets, the greater she would like to she really wants to swim. The lady stops carrying about becoming seen, and she dares to swimming closely for the swan, although “her nan used to tell her a swan could break a mans arm having its wing and she ceases worrying about “what it could perform to her, straight down in the water (p. four ll. 80-82). When the swan is captured, she begins to “untwist the line where the fowl bound on its own in its struggle, just like she overcame her fears and struggles and started to go swimming (p. six l. 152). The swan is finally free from its captivity, and disappears along the river exactly where it never will be noticed again.

The lady lets get of her anxiety, that disappears from her consciousness and she’ll never be afraid again. Like lots of people the girl in the story problems to get over her dread, which the lady in the end works in conquering. The theme of fear in the story is definitely illustrated in the manner the main character changes to become a girl with low self confidence, to learning to be a strong and independent young lady. Something that will be a part of her in almost everything she goes thru for the rest of her life.

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