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The Timucua Indians: All were settled agricultural peoples, as skilled with their hoe as they were with canoes or with bows and arrows. They lived in villages, where they cultivated corn, beans, and other crops. Noted warriors, they fiercely resisted early attempts to bring them under submission, but co existed peacefully with the Spaniards for most of the first 198 years of Spanish occupation.

Source: Muller, Peter O., Gannon and Fernald, Edward, A. “Florida” Microsoft Encarta 2006 (DVD), Redmond, WA: Microsoft Corporation 2005 The Cherokee- were divided into seven matri lineal clans that were dispersed in war and peace moieties (half-tribes)>The people lived in numerous everlasting villages, typically placed along rivers and streams. Some villages belonged to the battle moiety, the remaining to the peace moiety. Cherokee families typically had two dwellings: rectangular summer homes with walking cane and wall surfaces and bark or thatch roofs, and cone molded winter properties with position frames and brushwork have mud or perhaps clay. The Cherokee crafted pottery and also baskets.

The bask, or Green Hammer toe Ceremony, was obviously a time of Thanksgiving, Forgiveness, Rekendling of Holy Fires and Spiritual Vitality. It was saved in Mid-to later summer, if the corn was ready for roasting. Source: Waldman, Carl “Cherokee” Microsoft Encarta 2006 (DVD). Redmond, WA: Microsoft Firm 2005 (Writer’s notes: These are generally the only pictures I got) Source: School of Washington Libraries, Digital Collections. Evaluating the Timucua and Cherokee Indian people.

Both of them are engaged in Culture. I think, the Timucua will be the warrior type. Mentioning their particular skills with canoes and bow and arrow. The attitude of resisting early attempts to create them underneath submission. Personally, it is a strict culture and thinking.

Even though the Cherokee, who had been subdivided In seven matri lineal clans or 1 / 2 tribes, had been the adaptable type of people. Since like a warrior methods to kill people, who happen to be supposedly the enemy. The Cherokee, though, they also have their particular warrior race. But the practice of Green Corn Wedding made all of them the exact opposite of the Timucua Indians, who also are more on skills, this really is about physical attributes. Even though the Cherokee is on non-physical attributes.

To be a warrior, means being engaged in wars or perhaps warfare, meaning about staying fierce and destructive. But on the other hand, for the Cherokee, I consider those to be the constructive, and productive sort of people. Although, the Timucua, for being resistive against their particular enemies must have spent time and effort developing and training for the skills in conflict. It is just like choosing 2 things.

You resist, but you can become less productive, yet in the event you submit, then you will learn something new and perhaps could have a much better lifestyle. Now, what it means to submit into a superior pressure, who were their particular enemies in those days, is it becoming a slave and their self-respect eliminated. Perhaps, intended for the Timucua, it is better to fight and die. Right now, presently we now have the advantages with regards to education.

The Indian people, are after that considered as uninformed, but background is actually the judge that each of us shall learn something. To me, a soldier thinks differently. And it is something which is unique for the tribe, or a culture, something inherent, which one are unable to take away or perhaps get rid of it.

The only way perhaps, is to find a method to help him change his mind.

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