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From the beginning of Beowulf we could understand and find out the central themes and points that are being focused on. From the assigned readings of Beowulf and after completing the entire piece I found that stuck with the major motif in which were given from your prologue from the story. From the start of the story we are able to identify with Scyld Scefing and his part as full and leader. Power performs a major function and motif throughout the entire story that enables the story to flow very well and keep the theme solid and stimulating to the viewers.

I came across that the major themes within this whole account revolve around thinking about power, heritage, and gallantry. These three themes are what the history of Beowulf is about and the author portrays these styles by articulating them through each character and what and how they can be represented in the text. I discovered that it will be difficult to identify the theme of this story just within a single passage since the theme will not change yet takes small shifts inside the idea of power which is the way we get the concept of the legacy and heroism from it.

All three of these themes and ideas all contribute to what I believe as the main stage that the creator is trying to get around and motif which is id. At the beginning of the storyplot the author introduces the character Scyld Scefing, The legendary Danish king coming from whom Hrothgar is originated, Scyld Scefing is the mythical founder who inaugurates a long line of Danish rulers and embodies the Danish tribe’s highest principles of heroism and leadership.

The composition opens which has a brief bank account of his rise coming from orphan to warrior-king, ending, “That was one good king (11). Through this first scene we are likewise introduced to Scyld’s son Beowulf, who is as well represented by author for instance a form of command and exclusive chance, “Thus should a young man bring about very good with pious gifts by his dad’s possessions, in order that later in life dedicated comrades will stand alongside him when ever war comes, the people is going to support him- with praiseworthy deeds a male will be successful among any kind of people. (20-25) here we could see that mcdougal is making a point by using first of all this type of discussion expressing the importants of the king and who his followers happen to be and how they respect him and second this reveals the imposants of this concept of the power and control that may be being performed out within this scene. You will discover other character types within the history that help show and increase the concept of the leadership and honor including, King Hrothgar who is the king of the Danes.

Hrothgar enjoys army success and prosperity until Grendel terrorizes his world. A wise and aged leader, Hrothgar symbolizes a different sort of leadership in the youthful soldier Beowulf. He can a model to get the kind of king that Beowulf becomes. This individual also has a scene in the first section of the story which in turn represents the honor and electricity these personas represented, “Then success in war was handed to Hrothgar, honor in battle, so that his dearest kinsmen excitedly served him, until the small soldiers grew into a mighty troop of men.

This came to his mind that he ought to order a hall-building, have men produce a great mead house which the sons of men should remember forever and there inside he would share every thing with old and young that Our god had provided him, apart from the common property and the lives of males. (64-73). This is certainly a great sort of how the publisher is trying to express the idea of often being kept in mind and transporting on their legacies.

Also the value of accomplishment in warfare is what really brought Hrothgar to electrical power and the value of his followers. We come across the concept of the heroism over the entire part but more specifically around series 433, ” I have as well heard that this evil beast in his wildness does not care for weapons and so i too can scorn- so that Hygelac, my liege-lord, might be glad of me- to deal with a blade or a extensive shielf, a yellow challenge board, but with my hold I shall grapple with the fiend and fight for lifestyle, foe against foe. (433-440).

This field shows not simply the action and discussion of what every main character sounds like, although we are given such a dramatic and strong develop within just a couple of lines that express the eagerness of this heroic moment. Another scene wherever we see heroic emotions by Beowulf take lines 505-512, Beowulf’s boasting is what contributes to heroism, through this scene Beowulf is being known for placing his your life at risk resistant to the waves. Basic but remarkable scene which the author placed in the piece to show how Beowulf is represented and looked at within the text and how the readers ought to see him too.

The whole part 7 of the tale is a tribute and an immediate explanation of the idea of a hero inside the text spoken by the personas within their dialogue which allows all of us as the readers to see that the author really wants us to believe and discover the personas as these heroic figures. There are plenty of many examples of the ways we are able to observe how the author needed and portrayed the ideas and topics of electric power, herorism, and legacy however the two that we believe will be worth exploring are all of section almost eight especially range 530-550 and in addition towards the end of the history we once again are shown loyalty and honor of community in lines 2645-2650.

These two scenes show that to have prize, power, and turn into any sort of hero, you must manage to gain the respect and loyalty of your community. Meaning that to be any of those things you must have courage and within the lines of 530-550 we are able to see that the brave thing to do is to aid the community and work together. And towards the end when we get the lines ” Now the morning has come that our noble lord has want of the support of good players; let us go to it, support our warlord, despite the warmth, grim open fire terror.

The almighty knows intended for my part that I would very much prefer the fact that flames ought to enfold my body alongside my own gold-giving god. (2646-2652) These lines in this article go into a even more depth idea of courage and basically supplying your personal life intended for the life of the “God or the people who assist you to and in the case the community. Most of these scenes which i have centered on are techniques we are able to begin to see the themes of heroism, electric power, and heritage which if perhaps looked at altogether as a target audience I are able to notice that all of these topics are different types of a person’s identification.

Each character within this story is trying to find themselves, find out who they are, and by doing so consider that to become hero, having power, and never allowing the legacy to die is actually your id is, it truly is who you are and who you become. Each figure within this tale has no accurate identity because everything they have done and definitely will do continues to be brought to them by their family before them. The characters are not able to create their particular identity away from what their own families have already made for them.

For Beowulf the concept of identity of which the two components seem to be all their family history and individual reputation is definitely clearly important to the themes of this poem. The opening passages expose the reader into a world in which every male figure is known as his father’s son. Heroes in the composition are unable to discuss their identification or even bring in themselves with out referring to who also their family is.

Throughout the whole story we can easily see how every single character thinks they have their particular identity looking for themselves but yet each personality is always planning to live up to a similar standards as their ancestors once did. It is just a competition of keeping the power and honor and heroism inside each person’s family. Their family line is usually and represents who they are and who have they will become, what they stand for is all depending on what their particular family has left them to represent and symbolize as their very own identity.

While looking over this kind of assignment and allowing me personally to see the key themes within just each portion of the poem I discovered that power, heroism, and legacy all balance one another out by one key factor which is a person’s personality. To have an identification during this period or perhaps as mcdougal is trying to learn and represent this concept of identity and exactly how it is described during a period where exclusive chance, power, heroism, and legacy all played out an essential role inside each characters life and journey to the after-life.


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