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IV. What Might be Recommended by Ruben Dewey

Ruben Dewey would heartily agree with the instructing practice of Ms. Thompson. She is instructing in the ‘present moment’ utilizing that which can be bought for use instead of lamenting what is certainly not present. The scholars feel maintained by Ms. Thompson, they are really thriving beneath her teaching. John Dewey would challenge Ms. Thompson to always keep in focus in terms of her educational practice, the fact that she must always be open to the learning experience.

Ms. Thompson demonstrated the use of ‘inquiry based’ learning for not only herself but leading the students and thereby having simultaneously exposed learning’s door allowing the scholars to make a intellectual and mindful decision to apply inquiry-based understanding how to the benefit of their own learning encounter. Ms. Thompson further may have the approval of John Dewey in her classroom environment that allowed self-governance to formulate in and among the students while in her class. A comfortable and fertile learning environment is the fact which characterizes Ms. Thompson’s classroom, pertaining to herself and the students alike.

In view of a critique Ruben Dewey may likely call the interest of Ms. Thompson to varied likelihood in terms of the near future and the significance to her educating practice so the needs with the students can be anticipated and hopefully fulfilled.

Dewey as well would probably help remind Ms. Thompson that learning is a lifelong process, and that sharing that in the teaching practice is important for the information of the scholar in relation to their particular individual learning perspective.

Overview and Realization

While this story is not hard it is yet a good example of the theoretical morals of David Dewey as well as the theoretical platform in this story may easily be applied to the field of Nursing. This is one out of which the learning environment individuals along with the individuals commitment to the process become key in terms of powerful implementation. Absolutely, a subject matter that is certainly learned throughout the methodology of ‘asking queries, exploring, seeing, and expression may be incorporated into a situation of ‘inquiry’ or ‘inquiry-based’ learning. Those who intend to apply their instructing practice within a practical technique must 1st consider that they would respond to a specific technique of instructional practice. The learning experience when too structured, as well strict and adherent in regulatory capacity often in order to stifle the learning experience impacting on greatly the learning environment and thereto these products of that environment, and in the end the students as well. The ‘inquiry-based’ learning and the lifelong learning process will be critical in neuro-scientific medicine, or perhaps in this instance Nursing jobs. Without query medical learning would not are present, without learning that is lifelong in its’ nature in that case how shortly would the individual, through recurring day-to-day existence experience ignore how wonderful the knowledge in learning is usually and quickly forget to find out, to explore and indeed to learn.


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