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A monologue from the enjoy by Seneca

NOTE: This monologue can be reprinted from Senecas Disaster, v. ii. Trans. Frank Justus Miller. Nyc: G. L. Putnams Kids, 1917.

THE FURY: Onward, damned shade, and goad thy sinful house to madness. Let there be rivalry in guilt of each kind, allow sword become drawn within this side and that, permit their interests know not any bounds, simply no shame, allow blind bear prick prove souls, heartless be parents rage, and also to childrens kids let the long trail of sin lead down, let time be given to none to hate old sinsever let new arise, various in one, and enable crime, een midst their punishment, enhance. From haughty brothers hands let kingdoms fall, and in turn let them call back the fugitives, let the unstable fortune of the home of violence middle changing nobleman totter to its land, from power to wretchedness, by wretchedness to powermay this kind of befall, and may even chance with her ever-restless waves keep the kingdom on. For crimes sake exiled, when Goodness shall bring them home, to crime may well they return, and may they be since hateful to all or any men regarding themselves, let there end up being naught which passion deems unallowed, permit brother fear brother, father fear kid, and son father, let children vilely perish and become yet more vilely created, let a murderous better half lift side against her husband, let wars pass over seas, allow streaming blood vessels drench every land, and over the awesome chiefs of earth allow Lust exult, triumphant. In this sin-stained house let embarrassing defilement certainly be a trivial issue, let cordial sanctity and faith and every right always be trampled beneath foot. By simply our sins let not really heaven be untaintedwhy the actual stars glitter glue in the sky? So why do their fires maintain the beauty due the world? Let the confront of night time be improved, let working day fall from heaven. Embroil thy household gods, summon up hate, slaughter, loss of life, and fill the whole property with Tantalus. Adorn the lofty entender and with laurel let the festal doors be green, let torches worthy of thine approach glow forththen allow the Thracian crime be done with greater number. Why is the uncles hands inactive? Not yet does Thyestes bewail his sonsand when will this individual lift his hand? Now set oer the flames let cauldrons foam, area rent associates one by one complete in, let the ancestral fireside be discolored with blood vessels, let the feast be spreadto no novel feast of crime wilt come as banqueter. To-day have we made thee free of charge, have loosed thy being hungry to the fête yonder, get, feed full thy going on a fast, and let blood vessels, with wine commingled, always be drunk ahead of thine eyes. I have found feast which thou thyself wouldst fleebut stay! Whither dost thou headlong rush?

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