To calculate the chastity of commercial nitrite

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Target: The purpose of this kind of experiment is usually to check the purity of commercial nitrite by titration.

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Theory: Sodium nitrite (commercial nitrite) solution is oxidized by potassium permanganate to nitrate: 2MnO4- + 6H+ + 5NO2- –>2Mn2+ 5NO3- +3H2O

As potassium permanganate itself changes colour in this reaction, thus no sign is required. Nevertheless , once sodium nitrite is acidified, nitrous oxide acid can form and decompose (*). Thus, sodium nitrite is positioned in flacon and put into acidified potassium permanganate.

*2NaNO2 + H2SO4 –>Na2SO4 + 2HNO2


Experimental method:

1 . Around ( (should be a little even more for the impurity)) zero. 90g salt nitrite natural powder was transferred and acessed to the nearby 0. 01g in a weighting bottle.

installment payments on your The sodium nitrite powdered was blended in unadulterated water in volumetric flask of 250cm3 where the molarity was about 0. 05M.

several. 25cm3 0. 02M potassium permanganate answer was pipette into a conical flask, 15cm3 dilute sulphuric acid was added intended for acidification.

some. Sodium nitrite solution was transferred to flacon for titration.

5. The original burette reading was taken.

6. Salt nitrite answer was slowly and gradually added to the acidified permanganate solution with continual swirling until the colour of the permanganate solution was just become colourless.

six. Final burette reading was taken.

eight. The steps above were repeated for at least 3 times to obtain more outcomes.

9. Computation should be done.


The permanganate solution transformed from magenta to colourless under the effect.






Primary reading (cm3)

0. twenty

0. 00

0. 06

12. thirty four

Final browsing (cm3)

25. 20

twenty-five. 00

25. 08

37. 40


25. 00

25. 00

25. 02

25. summer

Mean titre:


Mol of titre used:

While only 25. 02cm3 titre was used to get titration, mol of the total 250cm3 salt nitrite answer:

Thus, there may be pure sodium nitrite:

Finally, the chastity of the industrial nitrite:

Effect: The purity of the business nitrite can be 95. 8%


The purity was found. There was clearly just a small difference between the reference response (94%) as well as the answer worked out. The 3rd period reading was larger than the previous readings due to the slow result of this research. Thus even more sodium nitrite solution was added and may affect the result. To solve this problem, sodium nitrite MUST be added slowly and gradually and whirling should be quicker..


1 . What is this is of a major standard?

Primary standard can be described as pure compound from which a typical solution of accurately well-known concentration could be prepared straight by dissolving a noted mass of the compound in a solvent and making up the answer to a known volume.

2 . Explain for what reason potassium permanganate is not really a suitable major standard. Advise a way to standardize potassium permanganate solution.

, the burkha standard needs to be stable over long periods of time, although potassium permanganate decomposes once exposed to light. To standardize it, potassium permanganate can be titrated with strongly acid solution of C2H62-.

3. Dilute HCl (aq) and HNO3 (aq) are not used to acidify KMnO4. Explain.

Once HCl can be added to KMnO4, chlorine gas, which is dangerous for man, may generate. When HNO3 is added to KMnO4, NO2 is formed which can be toxic.

5. In weakly acidic, weakly alkaline and neutral channel, KMnO4 decreases to form the brown solid MnO2 rather than Mn2+. Write the equation just for this reduction.

MnO4 + 4H+ + 4e- –>MnO2 +2H2O

5. Explain how come neutral KMnO4 (aq) is definitely seldom found in redox titration.

It is because along with change is not significant, and so it is difficult to judge the end point.

6th. Suggest 1 advantage and one pitfall with using acidified KMnO4 in redox titration.

The advantage of using acidified KMnO4 in redox titration is the great shade change therefore it can be indication itself. Drawback of it is that it simply cannot react with compound that contains chloride ion or excessive concentration chemical p.


Following your experiment and calculation, the purity located is 96. 8%.


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