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In the aspect of business supervision, each firm aim is usually to develop a more efficient and successful approach to improve their potential and assets to reach their common goal (Jex, 2002, 17).. In the realization with this interest, the respective managing sector of each organization cultivate an effective and efficient method of network their very own common interest and update their system of service pertaining to the development of their very own company and the satisfaction of their customers.

Looking at their fascination, the organizational characteristics, plus the other significant factors inside their group, every single company make an effort to develop from their old classic organizational style towards a brand new transformed version for the effectiveness and efficiency of their operation. Indeed, this modification is the manifestation of the organization’s interest to grow and develop for better productivity and services. A real example of this organizational modification is the Freebie southwest Gas Company from which they evolved from their particular old classic model to their new transformed organizational system.

In their outdated model, the said firm employed the standard characteristics of business nature making use of basic machineries and tools that is a symbol of their purpose of production development. In addition in this system, extensive management department often settings the network system of their particular human resources and management sector thus producing certain obstacles over in all their field (Jex, 2002, 17).. Manifesting their interest of developing farther from this old model, the management from the Southwest Gas Company traces their point of interest for improvement as a result producing their new organizational model.

Performing this modification, the said organization could manifest significant advantages within their operation especially for the mental benefit of their workforce. 1st, the change towards the new model creates a new plus more productive working atmosphere and environment. Switching their focus from industry-focus approach toward worker-centered system has increased output significantly.

Second, the modification has also taken advantage of the management pursuit of the corporation as the modern organizational model fostered a much better management system specifically the up and down division which has a command-chain hierarchy network. With this approach, the chain of ideas, obligations, and administration command can be better noticed without fostering the adverse concept of interpersonal division and group disassociation. Adapting this kind of more effective and efficient company model can certainly develop the service alignment pursuit of the organization as it addresses the common some weakness and problems of their past model (Jex, 2002, 17).

With this kind of development, the organization of the South west Gas Firm can be of higher service to their customers and clientele as a energy service business. Reference: Jex, Steve Meters. (2002). Company Psychology: A Scientist-Practitioner Way.

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