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Ever since I began learning English, I possess always wanted becoming a translator, translating Chinese in to English to ensure that people far away can enjoy Chinese language poems and stories. To become translator isn’t easy.

It requires great endurance and perseverance/ (Needless to talk about heartfelt efforts and willing persistence is absolutely required. / It is a step by step progress that involves self confidence, patience and hard work. ) Firstly, as being a middle institution student, I have to improve my reading comprehension in the two languages so that I can pick the appropriate terms when I was translating something. Secondly, in order to be good enough to become translator, I have to learn and use successful learning approaches. I’m even now only a middle college student, therefore i have a long way to go. I hope that I will be able to go to college or university and become an actual translator some day.?

My fantasy is to get a successful doctor, helping these sick persons and saving their lives. I hope everyone is able to have an possibility to receive excellent treatments for his or her illnesses without paying much or simply enjoy them free. Of course , I know to accomplish my dream, there is a good way to go. We would like enough knowledge and experience, so spending so much time in school is going to promote me personally to be a professional doctor. Now everything I do is close to my dream.

I feel life is filled up with hope and is also colorful, and i also have enough self-confidence to realize my own dream. Beginning: Reason: Just how: Of course , I realize to achieve my dream, there is a long way to visit.? To reach my own dream Let me take photography classes in summer and take a digital photography course at school. The only way to realize my desire is just do it!

I always experience fortunate that I got by using a unforgettable childhood, for I used to be never forced to learn what I was hesitant to learn and then for I had the chance to go to different parks nearly every week, heading close to character or making greetings to animals and plants.

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