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US Must face the reality: Know who will be the Terrorist

25 Vintage Quotes on Western Hegemony

1- Their really not a number Im or her terribly thinking about. -General


Powell When mentioned the number of Iraqi people who had been


by Us citizens in the 1991 Desert Tornado terror plan (200, 500

persons! )

2- I will never apologize pertaining to the United States of America I dont


the actual facts are. -President George Rose bush 1988 Rose bush was


his patriotism by simply excusing an act of cold-blooded mass-murder by the

U. H.

Navy. In July a few, 1988 the U. S. Navy warship Vincennes shot down a great


commercial airliner. All 290 civilian people in the airplane were


The plane was on the routine trip in a industrial corridor in Iranian

airspace. The concentrating on of it by the U. T. Navy was blatantly unlawful.


it was grossly immoral is likewise obvious. Besides to a patriot.

3- To take care of this position of disparity (U. S. economic-military

supremacy) we all will have to obtain with all sentimentality and

day-dreaming. We should discontinue to talk about vague and a fantasy

objectives such as human rights, the increasing of the living standard and

democratization. The afternoon is a little way off while we are going to need to


in straight power principles. The less we are in that case hampered by simply


slogans, the better. -George Kennan Representative of Policy Planning U. S.

Express Department 1948

4- If perhaps they start up the palpeur were going to blow up their particular goddamn


(surface-to-air missiles). They know we own their particular country. All of us own their particular

airspace We dictate how they live and talk. And thats whats


about America right now. Their a good thing, specially when theres a

whole lot

of olive oil out there we require. -U. H. Brig. General William Looney


Washington Content, August 40, 1999) Mentioning, in reality, for the brutal

mass-murder of numerous civilian Iraqi men, ladies and children


twelve, 000 échappement by American/British war bad guys in the first eight


of 1999

5- The greatest criminal offenses since Ww ii has been U. S. foreign

insurance plan.

-Ramsey Clark simon Former U. S. Attorney General beneath President Lyndon


6- I believe that if we got and might keep the dirty, bloody, dollar

soaked fingers out from the business of those Third World nations around the world so


of depressed, exploited people, they are going to arrive at an answer of their

individual. And if however their revolution must be with the violent type

because the haves refuse to share with the have-nots by any kind of


method, at least what they get will probably be their own, but not the American

style, that they can dont desire and first and foremost dont desire crammed straight down

their particular

throats by simply Americans. -General David Sharp Former Usa


Commandant 1966

7- We have no reputable intentions in Vietnam. The minimal requirement


to sit on it while an American colony and maintain cultural stability for


investments. This tells how come American micro helicopters are being used against

guerrillas in Colombia and Peru. Significantly the position our country has

used is the function of those who also refuse to give up the privileges and

joys that come in the immense profits of offshore investment.

-Martin Luther Full, Jr. A period to Break the Silence presentation given by

Riverside House of worship New York City The spring 4, 1967

8- Loss of life squads have been created and used by the CIA all over the world

specially the Third World because the late nineteen forties, a fact overlooked by


elite-owned media. -Ralph McGehee Previous CIA expert & Writer


The Crisis of Democracy Deadly Deceits: My more than 20 years in the CIA

9- The U. T. A. features supplied forearms, security equipment and training to

governments and informed groups which have committed self applied, political

killings and other individual rights abuses in countries around the world.

-Amnesty International United States of America Rights for All

October 98

10- We certainly have come to be one of the worst reigned over, one of the most


manipulated and completely outclassed Governments on the globe no longer a


of free view, no longer a Government simply by conviction and vote from the

majority, although a Govt by the view and discomfort of small groups of

dominating men. -Woodrow Wilson U. S. Chief executive during Universe War We

11- We must become the owners, or at the least the remotes at the

origin, of at least a proportion in the oil which usually we need.

United kingdom

Royal Percentage, agreeing with Winston Churchills policy to



12 What we want to have in existence, what we ought to have been

creating in this time is a lot of administration with Arab establishments


we can properly leave when pulling the strings yourself, something that

will not cost very much, which the Work government can easily swallow


using its principles, yet under which will our economic and politics


will be protect… If the The french language remain in Syria we shall have to

avoid providing them with the reason of developing a protectorate. If they go


whenever we appear to be reactionary in Mesopotamia, there is always raise the risk

that California king Faisal will encourage the Americans to adopt over the two, and


must be borne at heart that the Normal Oil company is very stressed


take over Korea. Sir Arthur Hirtzel, Head of the English governments

India Office Personal Department. 1919

13- In the event that war aspires are explained which appear to be solely focused on

Anglo-American imperialism, they will offer little to people in the


of the world. The interests of other peoples should be stressed. This

would have a better propaganda effect. Private tonto from The Council


Foreign Relationships to the ALL OF US State Section, 1941

14- Our strategic and security interests around the world will be

greatest safeguarded by establishment in suitable locations of Law enforcement

Stations, totally equipped to cope with emergencies in a large


Kuwait is one such spot from which Iraq, To the south Persia, Saudi Arabia and

the Persian Gulf of mexico could be manipulated. It will be advantageous to go to

extensive trouble and expense to ascertain and guy a Law enforcement officials


there. United kingdom Foreign Business office, policy memo, 1947

15-? We have about 60% on the planet? s wealth but only 6. 3% of their?

population. With this situation we all cannot neglect to be the object of be jealous of


resentment. The real process in the approaching period is to devise a pattern


associations which will allow us to keep this position of


We need not really deceive ourselves that we are able to afford today the luxurious of

dedication and community benefaction. We should cease to talk about such


and unreal targets as man rights, the raising of living requirements


democratisation. The morning is a little way off when we are going to need to


in right power principles. The fewer we are then hampered simply by idealistic

slogans, the better. George Kennan, former Head of the US State

Department Policy Organizing Staff, Document PPS23, 24th February 1948

16- I actually came to America because of the great, great liberty which I


persisted in this region. I built a mistake in selecting America as a


of freedom, a blunder I cannot restore in the equilibrium of my own lifetime.

-Albert Einstein, 1947

17- The prospective suffered a terminal illness before a firing squad in

Baghdad. CIA officer testifying to US Senate hearing, following bloody


helped Bath Get together coup overthrew Iraqi Excellent Minister Abdel Kassem


18- Strikes by population targets (per se) are likely not only to


a detrimental wave of revulsion in another country and at home, but considerably


increase the likelihood of enlarging the war with China and the Soviet Union.

Destruction of locks and dams, on the other hand? if managed right? might offer

assurance. It should be studied. Such destruction does not get rid of or drown

people. By shallow-flooding the rice, that leads after time to common

starvation (more than a million) unless foodstuff is provided? which we all


offer to accomplish? at the seminar table?. John McNaughton, US State

Section Vietnam plan, as quoted in? The Mentality in the Backroom

Boys.? Article simply by Noam Chomsky, 1973

19- The US must carry out several act anywhere in the world which in turn shows

its? determination to stay to be a community power. Henry Kissinger

post-Vietnam blues, while quoted in The Washington Post, April 1975

20- It will not have been possible for a political party to be more

dedicated to a nationwide home for the Jews in Palestine than was


Harold Pat, former Uk Labour Party Prime Minister, 1981

21- One hundred nations around the world in the EL have not decided with us about just


every thing thats come before them, exactly where were engaged, and this didnt

raise red flags to my breakfast time at all. Ronald Reagan, past US Leader


in the succeed that was the US attack of Grenada, 1983

22- Q. Mr. President, have you ever approved of covert activity to


the modern day government of Nicaragua? A. Well, simply no, were helping

these people

the also, wait one minute, wait a few minutes, Im apologies, I was thinking of El

Nazareno, because of the earlier, when you stated Nicaragua. Below again

this is something where the countrywide security hobbies, I just


is not going to comment. Ronald Reagan, former US Chief executive, Washington


convention, February thirteenth, 1983, since quoted by John Pilger in Heroes

23- After seeing RAMBO yesterday evening, I know how to handle it the next time


happens. Ronald Reagan, former ALL OF US President, since reported by Daily

Express, July 2nd, 85

24- Vaporizador DU (Depleted Uranium) exposures to soldiers on the

battlefield could be significant with potential radiological and

toxicological results. Under combat conditions, one of the most exposed

folks are probably ground troops that re-enter a battlefield

following exchange of armour-piercing sac. We are


showcasing the potential for amounts of DU contact with military


during combat that would be unacceptable during peacetime operations.

DU is.. a low level alpha light emitter which is linked to

cancers when exposures are inner, and chemical toxicity triggering


damage. Temporary effects of excessive doses may result in death


permanent effects of low doses have been completely linked to cancers. Our

summary regarding the health insurance and environmental acceptability of NI

penetrators assume both manipulated use plus the presence of excellent

health physics management techniques. Combat circumstances will lead to the

uncontrolled release of DU. Situations of the battlefield

plus the

long term health problems to residents and combat veterans may become issues


the acceptability of the continued usage of DU kinetic penetrators pertaining to

military applications. Excerpts in the July 1990 Science and

Applications International Corporation statement: Kinetic Strength


Environment and Health Concerns, as contained in Appenix Deb US


Armaments, Munitions and Chemical Command word report: Kinetic Energy

Penetrator Long Term Strategy Study, September 1990 These documents state

clearly and equivocally the fact that US army was well aware of the


and toxic dangers of Depleted Uranium ammunition long before the first

shots with the war were fired.

25- We do not include any defence treaties with Kuwait, and no

unique defence or security obligations to Kuwait. Margaret


ALL OF US State Division spokeswoman, twenty fourth July 1990, nine days and nights before


breach of Kuwait

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