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From April two, 2014 through April 12, 2014, my family and I proceeded to go of an educational fieldtrip.

To get our educational trip, we went on a cruise to Port Canaveral, Florida, Nassau, Bahamas, and Freeport, Bahamas. I sensed the trip was educational because, I learned something new at each prevent. In Slot Canaveral, California I learned about biology. “Bio” means lifestyle and “ology” means the study of; Biology means the study of lifestyle. At Slot Canaveral We studied lifespan of manatees. I found that they are decreasing in numbers and would not like to come to coast.

Since manatees are endangered they had to have at a Sanctuary Area. This place was made hence the manatees would not get struck by boats and did not become extinct. Nassau, Bahamas is exactly where I experienced the culture of the Bahamas. I went shopping with my loved ones.

While I was shopping, I discovered that it would not look the shops by Pennsylvania. The shops in Nassau, Bahamas where bright and colourful little huts. I had the opportunity to go into “The Grass Hut” and experienced the Bahamas true lifestyle.

The Turf Hut was composed of for least 20 different retailers. This included a carving on wood stand which could also be applied as a tote weaving stand. Everything in The Grass Hut was handmade and you reached see the people who made the purses or wood designs that you bought, make another. Freeport, Bahamas is lined with amazing, natural seashores that the local people appreciate. Freeport is the 2nd largest metropolis in the Bahamas and with it as being a tourist hot-spot; they use that to their edge.

At this prevent, I learned about the economy and just how they make discount the all-natural resources. While using ocean, that they thrive off of the actives which have been possible for vacationers to do (for example, scuba diving, water skiing, going swimming, etc . ) During my trip, I learned about the lifestyle and overall economy of the Bahamas; the biology of Port Canaveral, California. I feel that I possibly could not be able to encounter everything that Used to do on my trip or even continue to study about it in school.

This is certainly an experience which i will never neglect and gave me lasting memories.

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