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Absence of tradition is what makes Whitman seem somewhat worried for the middle of the poem. He seems adamant to remind the group that, although this technology is amazing and beautiful in its own way, we should not allow it to eclipse the miracles of the previous. Much of this kind of poem can serve as a warning to make sure that all of us also carry our graceful sensibilities even as we embark on the road to the future since it is poetic sense and the heart and soul that offers to new heights even while we feel we have come to the pinnacle of achievement with amazing machines.

The text of gentleman to mother nature is also of great concern to Whitman as he writes “Passage to India. ” In the fourth verse, Whitman recognizes two physical worlds, “of tableaus twain” (43); the first is the old and rich world of the East, the other the advanced, nevertheless essentially shallow Western world. As a man, Whitman separates the two of these worlds, “in one, again, different, inch but this individual sees that his heart and soul has the ability to hook up the two “(yet thine, most thine, Um soul, the same)” (49). Since, through this poem, the East symbolizes the mystical, the ethereal, and the link with God, Whitman is comforted that his soul can easily reach these kinds of places even from his place in the New World, which usually seems to absence these features.

Whitman would not see that the soul is the only connection to the psychic that the Western World is provided though. Through “Passage to India” Whitman presents the complicated and dynamic marriage between man and character, technology plus the soul. Inside the third verse, Whitman claims

Lo, soul! seest thou not The lord’s purpose in the first?

The entire world to be spann’d, connected simply by net-work

The folks to become littermates

The competitions, neighbors, to marry and be given in marriage

The oceans to be cross’d, the faraway brought close to, 35

The lands to be welded together.

As his sentiments exercise in this path he is displaying how the spirit can take advantage of these improvements to widen its quest. This technology allows for a broader connection to its guy man, as well as its ability to travelling and explore the touchable parts of the earth. In this way, this individual feels that technology is definitely not merely a man-made technology, but a testament to The lord’s creation of man. After, in passage five, this individual seems to share that, though the soul is capable of travel and leisure without these advancements, the desires for the heart and soul are understood through man ambition and technology. This individual also appears to hint that technology might be the way for guy to fulfill his ultimate goal on Earth, “With inscrutable purpose – several hidden, specific intention; as well as Now, 1st, it seems, my thought starts to span thee” (87-88). Whitman feels that in the end, when all the medical discoveries have been completely made, and the technology has been developed, the only thing that will stay is beautifully constructed wording. It is through the soul that man can continue to check out new frontiers; even when nothing else is left for us to know on this aircraft, we will have the secret of God and creation to consider.

Ultimately, Whitman clearly declares that the heart will not suffer from man’s intellectual restlessness. Rather it will explode to new heights on the rising tide of technology, and make use of these advancements to reach even further than it ever provides before. But even so, the reach of poetry plus the soul is usually far further than anything that person can make or design mainly because it has the capacity to reach into the ancient past as well as ahead6171. Even if time machines were finally invented, they would still not beat the ability from the soul to understand its own existence, and to make contacts with the previous and to souls. The poet’s ability to connect with The almighty and to check out all the recesses of male’s existence is definitely where the soul’s true potential lay, not with the advance of equipment and technology. Though Whitman does accept and enjoy technology “I welcome, and fully, just like the rest; / You too with joy I sing” (28-29), he feels that the heart is the genuine past, present, and way forward for mankind.

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