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This incredible capacity to notice every single tiny fine detail, paired with his deductive reasoning makes Holmes able to discover things that others may not have paid any attention to. Holmes presents him self as a guy of technology and research who is not afraid to use new concepts and operations to aid his work. In “The Norwood Builder Sherlock holmes uses an earlier form of fingerprint analysis to resolve the crime. Such techniques were hardly ever used at the time and this demonstrates that Holmes was ahead of his time and that he is happy to use cutting edge technology whether it aids him in his operate.

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One other example is at “The Clear House the moment Holmes examines two principal points to see if these were fired through the same weapon. The use of topic comparison was also a alternatively untested and radical approach. It shows that Holmes designed his investigator methods based upon the latest science and was obviously a “man in the future. Victorian England was a time of wonderful discovery and expansion, with the British Empire expanded across the world.

Therefore Holmes’ use of new technology and science supports that he is an “Archetypal Victorian Gentleman. There is only one event in the testimonies where Holmes shows any kind of romantic interest in a woman.

This is often found in a “Scandal in Bohemia where a woman known as Irene Adler is exposed. Though this kind of apparent like is completely unrequited and never becomes anything, Sherlock holmes still details her while “The woman. Irene Adler appears to be the only woman who ever broke in Holmes’ heart and is a great isolated case; Holmes’ basic views of women were not even close to romantic. He generally deemed women hysterical and thought of them since having a less complex intelligence.

There are many types of this, first of all in “Entirely to be trusted Holmes says: “the motives of women¦so inscrutable¦ How can you build on these kinds of quicksand?  Another example is in the “Fate of an Artist: “I i am not a whole-souled admirer of womankind. These types of examples display Holmes’ obvious lack of respect for women wonderful belief that they can be “second to men. Yet , for the era of Victorian Britain these landscapes were not unusual. Women almost never worked in the same jobs as guys and had been thought of as “Angels of the Hearth; objects of beauty, much less intelligent and hysterical. Another important element of Holmes’ character is usually his addiction to cocaine.

This is hinted at in many with the stories, but is section of the actual story-line in only two. At the time, tiny was really noted about the consequences of cocaine; Holmes refers to this as a “stimulant for the mind. One of Holmes’ usage of cocaine are located in “The Indication of Four, where Holmes says: “It is cocaine¦. would you care to try it out?  Although Holmes appears to think that the drug is aiding his brainwork, it seems to actually filter his vision; leading to what appears to be aspects of despression symptoms, when under the influence of the drug.

An example of this really is: “Hence the cocaine. What else perhaps there is to live intended for?  Holmes’ inability to see the effects the drug has on him shows a flaw in the character. Even though he can employ his strong intellect and reasoning expertise to examine those about him, he could be not as good at applying learning these skills to his own condition. This demonstrates Holmes will not just need Watson as a second opinion; he needs Watson to overlook him and make sure he is staying on the right path. This really is evident when you see Watson’s respond to this subject.

He disapproves of Holmes’ cocaine craving from the start, explaining it while his “only vice and then later explaining his endeavors to slowly wean Holmes off the drug. Finally, Sherlock holmes shows signs of xenophobia in many events throughout the tales. In those days, the British Empire was extremely powerful; preserving an frequently tenuous regulation over many non-European royaume. The non-Europeans were looked upon as inferior and uncivilised. It is therefore understandable why Holmes would portray such features, seeing as it had been pretty much typical at the time.

An example of this xenophobia is in “The Sussex Vampire When Holmes investigates a women of Peruvian background who will be described as: “¦ very gorgeous, but the truth of her foreign birth always triggered a separation I have examined the areas in the Sherlock Holmes Personality which I imagine are the most crucial. In reply to the question I’ve come for the conclusion that on the whole Sherlock Holmes displays lots of the qualities which usually would lead us to title him an archetypal Victorian Man. One of the essential qualities We would mention can be his affinity for technology and science.

The Victorian period was a time of tremendous progress in most of science and technology and Holmes’ key interest in these areas shows that he was a male suited to this age of advancement. That said, there are few flaws in Holmes’ character, such as his addiction to cocaine which in turn portray him in a different light. Overall I would sum up Sherlock Holmes as being a Victorian Lady with a maverick streak. Demonstrate preview only The above critique is unformatted text This student drafted piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Arthur Conan Doyle section.


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