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Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness have always been considered the fundamental facets of American living. Currently, it is the year 2016, which also happens to be 12 months of the presidential election. Both main individuals that most Americans focus on with this election are Bernie Sanders running intended for the Democratic Party and Donald Overcome campaigning pertaining to the His party Party. Both equally presidential applicants have one important things in common, they will both would like to reshape America. More specifically, both equally candidates wish to realize their own “American dream”. Based on both these styles the candidates’ presidential slogans, their accurate visions in the “American dream” can be assessed. But , one of the important queries that needs to be asked is “is the American dream nonetheless alive”. This question may be answered by the definition of the “American dream”, the “American dream” from the presidential individuals, how America has molded the idea of the “American dream” over the years, and also the several problems associated with the American dream plus the presidency. The primary issues that impact America and the “American Dream” are migrants, education, and leadership.

The true Webster dictionary definition of the American dream is “the ideal that each US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, dedication, and initiative”. At the start of America, a large amount of work was needed to be able to properly structure this new nation. Several colonists were anxious regarding leaving their older country and having strangers within a new property. A large amount of dedication was likewise required to become successful during the genesis in the colonies. Formerly, America was essentially clear and filled with potential for foreseeable future colonies. At the start, America was obviously a location used to escape faith based persecution and unfair laws and regulations. In hopes of rebellious flexibility, the settlers were willing to give up no matter what luxuries they will possess in order to gain something greater than themselves. The desires for these people had been simple. The dream was to settle their own families in a fresh land and provide their children which has a better upcoming. At the time, the “American dream” was very minimalistic however, at the same time these folks wanted anything greater than themselves.

Historically, president candidates have got a generally attractive slogan that gets to the public in appealing varieties. For example “Keep Cool and Keep Coolidge by Calvin Coolidge or “Yes We Can” by Barrack Obama. All of these phrases happen to be pieces of American History. A number of Americans, old and young, look upon and guide these key phrases and achieve a feeling of patriotism. All of these coupure were employed as a rhetorical device to grab the attention of yankee citizens. The presidents and their campaign managers understood how you can release promozione and how to record an audience or a desired population group. But , aside from grabbing the interest of the citizens from a political standpoint, it also makes an image intended for the “American dream”. The most up-to-date presidential candidates also have a plan slogan. For example, Donald Trump’s slogan can be “Let’s Generate America Wonderful Again”. Which usually poses the question, “what produced America great initially? ” All People in the usa must ask this query in order to understand Donald Trump’s campaign slogan. Apparently, this candidate’s motto is accessible to interpretation and new suggestions. Another Case would be Bernie Sanders marketing campaign slogan, which is “We’ve Almost all Come to Look for America”. This kind of phrase refers to the beginning of the American colonies and the pilgrimage of migrants. Both of these presidential slogans bring a strengthen of admiration and patriotism.

There are several elements that affect the “American dream” that most individuals create within their minds. These factors and issues incorporate immigration, education, and the choice of Leadership. In fact these issues are some of the major advertising campaign issues that happen to be being addressed in the 2016 presidential selection. At the beginning of America, every one of the settlers emigrated from another nation. At this time, people moving overseas for a better life was not a major issue and would not negatively affect many people already assimilated in America. Today there is a mass abundance of racial tendency concerning immigration. Several concerned citizens believe that “If we all pop a number of ’em off and keep the people laying within the border, probably they’ll see we’re interested in stopping immigrants”(Savan). Currently, you will find major constraints on how an individual may enter America. These constraints can be seen even more prominently with the Mexican- American Border. Actually “Obama’s DHS also made credible dread standards intended for refugees fleeing to our edges more strenuous, then more inhumanely needed expeditious associated with the a large number of unaccompanied children arriving at our border who also are fleeing violence”( Linthicum). There are several testing and requirements that need to be fulfilled by the person trying to immigrate. At the start of America, education was intended for the prosperous and that did not incorporate much of a subjects or a common learning program. In more new decades like the 60’s and 70’s, a college education started to be a social standard. “The college experience has undergone several durations of evolution and revolution. As a child of the 60s, I remember the undeniable clamor of students that their education was not “relevant, ” as though we recognized in any hazy way what that meant” (Baack). Education has become more difficult and advanced since the start of the school system. Instead of the fundamental learning process, the education program appears to be more worried about with check results. And as a result “colleges include, over time, evolved and responded to the world about them” (Baack). Price in addition has become a concern regarding educational costs and education loan debt. Proper Leadership is becoming an indicated issue among the list of citizens states. Citizens states feel that their particular leader should do their best to supply them with to be able to obtain the “American Dream”. More specifically, the Leader or “Presidential candidate needs to have an idea of how they would like to operate the country” (Gomez). An argument can be manufactured that these issues are not key problems happening in the land at this moment. However there is sufficient evidence of these issues and how they affect the land. According to congress and the other body of government, some sort of action needs to be taken around the issues.

The “American dream” is a term used for all the Americans. Every individual may have their personal interpretation from the “American Dream”. It clarifies how every single American citizen would take it easy, liberty, as well as the pursuit of pleasure. These things can be received simply by Immigration into a new world for any better existence, pursuing an excellent degree in higher education, or perhaps having the a sense of pride with the knowledge that the proper elected officials are in office doing a correct job. When an individual asks the question, “is the American Dream nonetheless alive” the response to that query should be “yes, very much so”. This is because, the “American Dream” is not only nonetheless alive, however it has evolved.

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