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PDA (Pile Generating Analyzer) is a dynamic fill testing equipment that is used to get high-strain nondestructive load evaluation method that can be done during or after installation of the stack. Pile Generating Analyzer systems also evaluate shaft integrity, driving challenges, and sludge hammer energy when monitoring set up. This test can be placed on driven metal, driven timber and even concrete piles.

PDA items figures the speed and force signals attained from accelerometers and pressure transducers appended to the stack during driving a car. The CAPWAP software is accustomed to compute the pile insert capacity.

PDA tests can be experimented with during starting of traveling or during re-strike pushes after permitting soil setup on the stack for an appropriate time frame. PERSONAL DIGITAL ASSISTANT testing can be attempted in conformance with ASTM Standard D4945-12.

By using the PDA test technique we can directly save pile foundation components and related establishment costs. The information that PDA assessment can provide involves: Verification of pile capability at the time of assessment. Data pertaining to developing termination criteria for design tons. Assessment of one’s transfer and driving effectiveness. Measurement of stress amounts induced around the pile during driving. Assessment of stack integrity and possible destruction There are three basic types of PDA tests upon driven piles:

  • tests of a heap for the total installation.
  • testing of a pile at end of initial travel (EOID).
  • testing with the pile many days following initial travel.

Case Wave Examination Program (CAPWAP)

Analysis PDA testing just give guideline estimations towards the forces and movements with the pile brain. Movement in the heap the whole length and foot and the stationary and dynamic soil variables and spread of causes are not immediately estimated. To check on the stationary part of stack resistance, CAPWAP examination is performed on discipline information via a chosen hammer blow in the PDA test record. CAPWAP examination reconcile three queries: Inside stack forcesPile motions and External forces.

By a great iterative method in the CAPWAP software it can estimate and evaluate to polot a processed influx reaction of ground parameters and pile the whole length and bottom resistance dispersions. The procedure is repeated before the point which a sensible match is achieved between the CAPWAP wave contour and with the scored wave reaction from the discipline information. The final CAPWAP result gives a fixed resistance result for the pile, the pile the whole length and the stack tip. To guarantee that the last outcomes make sense in terms of accessible soil and groundwater data for the website so wide range of judgement needs to be applied through the CAPWAP analysis.

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