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After reading the novel of mice and men My spouse and i am in a position to conclude that you have some regions of the publication which were inevitable to happen at the end however there was some which were unexpected.

Ruben Steinbeck creates the novel very well will not drop tips throughout the publication which business lead towards what is going to happen towards the end. What I do expect to happen at the end is that Lennie and George’s fantasy was not going to come true. Not only for these two characters yet I concluded that none in the workers living on the hacienda would satisfy their dreams because that they had such excessive hopes and ambitions and in addition they were living in their desire world since it is very hard intended for there dreams to be happy in these times.

Most of the characters knew that all their dreams probably would not come true but however supported them continue to because that they kept in some manner convincing themselves that they could achieve their particular dream nevertheless the more they will believed in all their dreams the harder they were to achieve. What I didn’t be prepared to happen at the conclusion which came up as a distress to me is that Curley’s partner dies as a result of Lennie stroking her locks. Because Lennie is not aware of his own physical strength he ends up patting her roughly and breaking her the neck and throat. When I did finish studying the publication, I saw that John Steinbeck had still left a hint to how Curley’s better half would pass away.

He performed this with Lennie admit he will break the neck of the guitar of the pet that damage his rabbits. This informs me that this is definitely how Curley’s wife would die. Lennie first began by getting rid of a little mouse button by stroking it way too hard, then a puppy in the same way and then he eventually ends up killing Curleys wife in a similar manner. Because Lennie is unacquainted with his superior strength, he’s not able to be aware that his patting causes serious harm to other folks. After examining that Lennie killed Curley’s wife, I had been able to conclude straight away that they Curley would want to kill Lennie when figuring out about his wife.

I think that Curley does not care very much about his wife’s fatality but uses the fact that Lennie slain her while an excuse to kill him. From when he first achieved Lennie, Curley took a disliking to him due to his looks and durability. I knew that Curley would not be the main one to get rid of Lennie but it really would be George who gets rid of him instead.

I collected this because when Carlson decides that Candy’s doggie should be murdered, Candy, George, and Lennie are sitting in the hoke house when Candy says I shouldn’t have let no new person kill mum dog’ This kind of tells me that whenever George is aware Lennie will die eventually because of what he has done to Curley’s wife; George remembers Candy’s advice and feels that he needs to be the one to end Lennie’s existence rather than a stranger like Curley.

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