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Literary college student Ernest Simmons writes that “during the last thirty years of his existence Tolstoy labored mightily toward the recognition on earth from the kingdom of God, which for him meant the kingdom of fact and very good. ” This kind of belief is at truth and goodness is definitely represented in his story “What Men Live By. ” In this account, Tolstoy portrays Simon the shoemaker as one who owns a rather enigmatic character. He does not apparently follow the usual rules great personality seems to be different from additional men who live in his community.

In fact , his actions be different from what the typical person would perform in situations such as the ones this individual faces. Though he is not at all times content with every aspect of his situations, he shows enough general contentment to cause you to imagine he is owning higher know-how. The reader can be disgruntled by simply some things that he does, yet in the long run his actions seem to help the best.

It appears that while Michael has become searching for “what men live by, ” Simon generally seems to already be owning that know-how.

Simon appears at first to be a soft and naïve one who is constantly misled into staying generous, nevertheless who can by no means get kindness from anyone in return. He gives credit rating to people for which he makes shoes, after which when he endeavors to obtain payment from their store at a far later particular date, no one is definitely willing to pay. However these same people refuse to give him bread or perhaps sheepskin about credit, even though he is obviously starving and cold. His persistence in being kind to these people despite their very own consistently ungrateful behavior makes him in possession of a magic formula of providing that nothing else people find out.

His generous and gentle nature is demonstrated in his activities immediately following his disappointment simply by those friends and neighbors to whom he previously gone to gather the payment due him. Instead of cursing and vowing never to devote another kind act, this individual buys several vodka (which warms him) and goes home alone. This gentleness of spirit also can not be mistaken for mere simple-mindedness, as the reader is aware from listening to his thoughts that he has full understanding of the dilemma in which this individual has found him self.

Yet, nevertheless he is downhearted at first, this individual quickly inspires himself: “‘I’m quite warm, ‘ stated he, ‘though I have no sheep-skin coating. I’ve had a drop, and it works through my veins. I want no sheep-skins. I go along and don’t bother about anything. Which is sort of man I are! What do I actually care? I will live with out sheep-skins. We don’t want them'” (Tolstoy, par. 6). He states that he is the sort of person who sees that what guys live by simply is not sheepskins or perhaps rubles.

This kind of knowledge of what men live by is usually demonstrated in the actions toward the stranger he finds on his approach home about this disappointing time. Though in the beginning his cares and fears threaten to overwhelm his and derail his great course, he overcomes this kind of and offers to Michael the tattered coat and shoes or boots that represent all this individual has. This individual gives to him, though he is in no situation to do so, and this represents other ways in which this individual shows his awareness that men live by something that transcends the fabric realm.

Sue knows that this individual does not live by the coating that is on his back, and he puts up with the cold to give heat to the body system of the undressed and abnormally cold Michael. We find that “when he thought of his wife he experienced sad; nevertheless he checked out the new person and remembered how he previously looked up for him at the shrine, his heart was glad” (Tolstoy, par. 17) Even though he knows he’d be in problems with is wife, the gratitude Jordan shows pertaining to his kindness more than compensates.

Simon is usually trusting of Michael and allows him into his home, educating him the shoemaking transact and allowing him to be for years. It is when Eileen arrives at Simon’s house the reader possibly finds out that Simon fantastic wife include children—yet without even thought of the youngsters, his existence seems hard.

It is also impressive that this individual offers meals to Jordan, though Simon himself offers nothing left for a meals the following day. His conversation with his partner about providing food and shelter to Michael illustrates his willpower concerning his beliefs—concerning what he knows men to live by. This individual convinces her that what he has done (things that could be considered irresponsible in light of his duties as a husband) is the godly thing. This individual also manages to talk her into changing her cardiovascular system toward the stranger.

Through the entire years stated in this article, Simon’s ongoing kindness is usually rewarded, as Michael’s skill brings resources to his business. This kind of outcome shows that all along the unpopular actions that derive from his know-how have been proof of his knowledge of what men live by. Michael finally mouths the words that have been in Simon’s heart. Men live by simply love, Jordan declares, and close focus on Simon’s track record will give proof to the fact that he has been living by this creed.

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