When Socrates meets Confucius Essay

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Wildness is their very own nature. One other factor We reckon that attributed to the differences is the different life styles they lead. For instance, it is basic to see that people in The european countries often go traveling or camping with the family, whether or not they have to bank loan.

Hence, enjoying the present may be their highly recommended. Chinese, to the contrary, can work faithfully first in order to make enough money and enjoy their life. Discover, here’s the. So , what should be our attitudes towards the conflicts?

From my perspective, we can find out part of the european culture. Cuz we know that the world is becoming progressively globalizing, so , we need to succeed our culture to catch up with the western tradition. Meanwhile, we all ought to propagate our culture towards the world.

As we have wonderful culture, were obliged to create it recognized to others. No matter if it is Confucius or Socrates, what we have to do is to deal with them objectively and evenly. And that’s my thoughts about the topic.


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